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Adrenal Cancer Survival Rate

Adrenal Cancer Survival Rate Patients and Non-Patients Need to Know

Adrenal cancer survival rate  depends very much on the stages where the tumor has reached. Survival rate varies from one stage to the other. Some patients are not keen regarding the survival rate for this kind of cancer. The other factor for its good survival rate is the right treatment administered to a patient.

Adrenal Cancer Survival Rate

Adrenal Cancer Survival Rate

One treatment is best for a certain person but it will not be good for other patient. The progress of treatments could vary based on how a patient responds to that particular treatment. Knowing the right treatment to survive from this cancer is through the help of a doctor.

There are four stages for adrenal gland cancer. These are from stage I to stage IV. Adrenal cancer is very rare and there are only few patients who are suffering with this kind of cancer. This is the reason why the adrenal cancer survival rate is not high compared to other cancers. However, this cancer has several features that do not allow tumor cells to grow fast and spread to other parts. Surviving from this cancer is attainable despite its low prognosis.

There has been an improvement regarding the prognosis of this cancer. The reason is because of the advancement of treatments that resulted to a more positive survival rate. A 5-year survival rate is the gauge of the time an adrenal cancer patient can survive after treatment. Patients’ cases differ from each other so the results could vary. Some can get treated early while others may struggle to survive. Hence, there should be assurance of correct treatment given for a higher rate of getting cured. It is best that you take the recommendations of your trusted doctor in order to survive. Getting help from professional doctors can contribute in the improvement of this cancer.

The adrenal gland cancer survival rate varies based on the stage of the cancer. In stage 1, there is 65% survival rate for patients. This means that patients have 65% chances to live and survive after five years if there are proper treatments conducted. Stage II also has the same survival rate but in stage III, the percentage becomes low. There is only 40% chance to survive after five years during stage III. Stage IV is worse because this is the most critical stage. There is only less than 10% survival rate for patients who have reached this severe stage of adrenal cancer. Curing the cancer regardless of the stage is still the most important of all.

Increasing the adrenal cancer survival rate can only happen if there are proper treatments applied. Plus, the higher the stage of the adrenal cancer is the lesser the survival rate can be. Therefore early detection and play an important role in the survival chance of a patient. Undergoing treatment as early as possible can improve a patient’s chance to survive.