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Appendix Cancer Prognosis

Appendix Cancer Prognosis

Appendix cancer prognosis depends on several factors. These include how treatment is taken, the level of stage of the cancer and if it has recurred or not.

Appendix Cancer Prognosis

Appendix Cancer Prognosis

The treatment given is the only key factor regarding the positivity or high survival rate of this cancer. Improving the prognosis of appendix cancer is possible through proper treatments.

There is only 41% survival rate after five years of life expectancy. Based on the previous reports there were 23.3% who have suffered recurrence of this appendix cancer. This means that there is less than 50% who have survived this kind of cancer after diagnosis. Having said this, appendix cancer treatments play an important role in the appendix cancer prognosis. Getting treatments is the best way to survive from this cancer.

The appendix cancer survival rate also depends on the overall health of patients and how they respond to treatments. The treatment to administer is based on the stage where the cancer has advanced. Seeking a doctor for the right method of treatment is what you need to do.

There are two major groups of appendix cancer. They are carcinoid tumors and non-carcinoid tumors. Carcinoid tumor is the most common form of appendix cancer especially in women. This form of appendix cancer represents about one half of all appendix tumor cases. The tumors in this cancer are usually very small about less than 2 centimeters in size. They have slow risk of spreading to other lymph nodes. The best treatment for this is through appendectomy. The appendix cancer prognosis of this cancer is more than 85% for 5-year survival rate. Non-carcinoid tumor is this cancer that starts from the epithelial cells which is the inside lining of the appendix. The cells that produced tumors produce a mucin which is gelatinous materials. The tumor has higher risks of spreading to the abdominal cavity. Consulting to a doctor would help you figure out which form of appendix cancer you have to have the proper treatment.

There are usually no common appendix cancer symptoms during the early stages. In some instances, symptoms occur during the surgery for appendicitis. The most common symptom is acute appendicitis. Another is the carcinoid syndrome if the cancer has already spread to the liver. These are shortness of breath, flushing, heart valve disease at the right side and diarrhea. Feeling these symptoms give a call for some medical help.

Knowing the overall appendix cancer prognosis can be improved. This becomes very positive for the two major groups of particular tumors. It is better if the patient can determine the symptoms early and be able to get the best treatment for the best cancer survival rate. Paying attention to the symptoms can give you clues when to get treatment.

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