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Colon Cancer Survival Rate Stage 3

Colon Cancer Survival Rate Stage 3

The colon cancer survival rate stage 3 is somewhat a little bit low. Stage 3 colon cancer survival rate ranges from 20 to 50 percent of a five-year survival rate. It is a good survival rate compared to other cancers during stage 3. Learning more about colon cancer stages especially stage 3 colon cancer gives you tips on how to prevent it.

Colon cancer is a disease affecting the lower part of the digestive system. It is one of the most leading cases of cancer related deaths in the United States. However, colon cancer is also among the most curable cancers. In short, there is a high chance to survive once you have colon cancer. The colon cancer survival rate stage 3 could possibly a good encouragement to patients. Treating this cancer can help you survive for good.

Colon cancer symptoms may vary depending on the circumstances and factors that result to the said sickness. There could be stool with small amounts of blood or bleeding from the anus, pain in the abdomen, vomiting and nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea and sudden weight loss. There is also a change in bowel habits which indicate colon cancer. These are both common colon cancer symptoms in men and women. Experiencing these unusual discomforts is a sign to seek a doctor for proper treatment.

Colon cancer treatment is primarily surgical. This means the cancerous area of the bowel is removed while the two open ends are joined together. After this surgical procedure, chemotherapy and radiotherapy follow to improve the cure. This can also increase in the survival rate of a patient by 5 to 6 percent more. Undergoing colon cancer surgery can help in removing the section that is cancerous which leads to survival.

It is then important and helpful to visit a doctor to get the best treatment. He provides the best procedure to treat colon cancer. Whether you are suffering from stage 3 or not, you should consult a doctor as early as possible. Relying on a doctor for cure and prevention is what you need to do.

Improving colon cancer survival rate stage 3 is actually possible. With regular check-up and proper treatment, a patient of this cancer can likely survive. It must be an instinctive thought to see a doctor once you feel the symptoms of colon cancer. It would be very hard to cure a cancer once it reaches the most critical stage. Cures could not respond anymore if that is the case. Visiting a doctor to help you cure colon cancer is very essential thing to do.