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Metastatic Lung Cancer Survival Rate

Metastatic Lung Cancer Survival Rate

Metastatic lung cancer survival rate is very low. This kind of lung cancer can prolong life but only for minimal months. It is a stage that involves cancer metastatic to lymph nodes or other region in the lung. It is basically a disease that spreads through blood stream and the lymphatic system. Needless to say, metastatic lung cancer life expectancy is unpredictable. Metastatic lung cancer prognosis given by doctors to patients is not accurate at all. Improving the survival rate of this cancer seems difficult but on a case to case basis, the cancer can be prevented.

Metastasis refers to malignant cells that spread to other regions of the body. So in the case of metastatic lung cancer, the abnormal cells can go from lungs to other areas. It is a cancer that may affect other body parts which become a complicated health issue. Furthermore, stages of this cancer may vary. Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer is the most critical since survival rate is the lowest. Preventing this cancer could help you avoid suffering from pain and death.

Metastatic lung cancer symptoms must be identified. The importance of knowing the signs can help you get quick treatment once diagnosed with lung cancer. Symptoms include hemoptysis or bloody coughing, difficult breathing and pain in the chest and back. Some may also have sudden weight loss or appetite loss. Experiencing these symptoms should draw you to undergo diagnosis and seek treatment.

It is vital that you get metastatic lung cancer treatment as soon as diagnosis is done. This can help prevent the growth of tumor or make it worst. It also contributes in the increase of metastatic lung cancer survival rate. Moreover, treatment of lung cancer can be either surgery or chemotherapy. Surgery can eliminate large growths and abnormal or infected tissues. Chemotherapy can kill all cancerous cells found in the lung and other areas. Both methods of treatment are recommended and performed by a professional doctor. Therefore, you have to consult to a doctor regarding treatment.  Undergoing treatment is very important in preventing lung cancer.

Having proper treatment as soon as possible can help you survive no matter how low the metastatic lung cancer survival rate is. Whatever the stage of the cancer is, you must believe that it can get cured. This can encourage you to see a doctor right away for proper treatment. Getting lung cancer treatment procedure is recommended.