Stage 3 Uterine Cancer

Essential Health Facts about Stage 3 Uterine Cancer

Stage 3 uterine cancer is regarded an advanced stage. The reason is because the cancer during this stage has already spread to other organs of the body aside from the wall of the uterus.

Stage 3 Uterine Cancer

Stage 3 Uterine Cancer

Stage 3 uterine cancer survival rate has somewhat lowered compared to the rates of stages 1 and 2. Knowing the treatment for stage 3 uterine cancer is the most important thing you need to do.

Uterine cancer in stage 3 has spread to the pelvis. Both subtypes of this cancer stage affect only until the pelvic region. Stage 3A has gone toward the ovaries or into the abdomen. Stage 3B has spread until the vaginal area and stage 3C reaches toward the lymph glands. No matter what the subtypes is stage 3 uterine cancer must be treated as quickly as possible.

During stage 3 uterine cancer symptoms typically occur more. Any patient at this stage will always experience the signs and symptoms of uterine cancer. This is the time wherein a patient will feel frequent pain in the abdomen and pelvic region. There is also a pain felt during urination and sexual intercourse at this stage. Other than these pains, a patient will bleed and get vaginal discharge. Experiencing these signs suggest the need to consult a doctor.

After diagnosis of stage 3 uterine cancer, treatment must be conducted immediately. Your doctor will recommend proper procedures of treatments to take. The initial method is surgery in which cancerous or malignant cells are removed. Depending on the result of the surgery, you may also undertake chemotherapy or radiotherapy. These alternative methods fight off the growth of cancerous cells left in the body. Going through stage 3 uterine cancer treatment is very vital to help a patient get healed.

Other than the usual treatment methods, there are also alternatives provided. Alternative treatments are normally home remedies. These could be acupuncture, healthy diet and proper hygiene habits. It is important and beneficial then to practice regular exercises, eating healthy diet and applying basic hygiene and toiletry habits. Living a good and healthy lifestyle can contribute in preventing uterine cancer survival rate.


Surviving from stage 3 uterine cancer is attainable. This happens if proper treatment is given as soon as possible. Early treatment can increase the stage 3 uterine cancer prognosis.  There is more survival chance for a patient if she gets early treatment. Fighting off the uterine cancer through proper treatment whether it is stage 3 or not is the key goal of a patient.

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