Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer – How Related Are They

Tanning beds and skin cancer are among the hot topics discussed and debated these days in regards to medical conditions. The reason is because tanning beds are one of the causes of skin cancer and some people just do not mind the possible consequence. With its popularity nowadays, tanning beds are not easy to reject especially to those white people who need to have a sexier, tan skin.

Tanning beds and skin cancer

Tanning beds and skin cancer

However, there has to be moderation when tanning indoors or in tanning beds and even outdoor under the sun.Tanning in a bed is a good alternative for people who are too far from the beach. Others prefer tanning beds because they are a lot more comfortable especially when it comes to consuming time. Some have a package of discounted regular tanning session for a year so they can maintain their tan color. Let’s face it, after 20 or 30 years, skin cancer can be the one to make you stop from doing it regularly. Instead of regular sessions, just take tanning in beds moderately. Remember how skin cancer deadly can be if it is not treated well or early.

Are tanning salons safe and tanning beds are not that dangerous to the skin? It may not be dangerous during the first few years you are exposed to tanning beds. After a decade or during your 50s, you may already have some red, itchy spots that can turn into painful lumps. If that happens, you can be diagnosed with skin cancer. That is the same thing that can happen to extreme exposure to sun. Skin damage from the sun also causes skin cancer. Let’s just cut the case that in regards to tanning bed health can be really in danger.

The debate between tanning beds and skin cancer is what influences and drives people to follow what they want. Some still believe it’s safe to get tanned in beds. Others are somewhat holding back because they are afraid to have skin cancer in the future. It is really a hot debate these days but every person has to make the best decision that can give the benefits needed particularly the health aspect.

The real truth about tanning beds is that they are full of UVA rays. These are a type of ultraviolet rays that do not make your skin burn but rather penetrate deeper in the body causing a great damage from the inside and then out.

There are various risks of skin cancer which may alarm you and convince you how dangerous tanning beds can be. The UV rays absorbed from tanning beds can cause damage in the immune system, eye problems and ocular melanoma.

Despite the causes tanning beds and skin cancer can bring, there is treatment to the illness. Actually, there are various methods of curing and treating skin cancer. However, the best prevention is to stay away from being exposed to UV rays from tanning beds including the sun. It is a lot better to be free from the cancer than to fight your life for it. Needless to say, about 95 to 99% survival rate of skin cancer is the best thing about it. Any patient can be cured through surgery, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy and radiation therapy.


The question now whether you are going to stick getting tanned through tanning beds is answerable only by you. You have learned the possible consequence but the decision is up to you.

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