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Tongue Cancer Prognosis

Tongue Cancer Prognosis – What is Your Chance to Survive

Tongue cancer prognosis varies depending on the stage of a patient. Survival rate becomes higher if the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes of the neck and other parts of the body.

Tongue Cancer Prognosis

Tongue Cancer Prognosis

If the previous lesions become bigger in size and the lymph nodes in the neck are already affected, the prognosis becomes poor. Surviving from this cancer is possible if treatment is applied immediately.

Tongue cancer is a very rare type of cancer that affects one or more parts of the tongue. The prognosis of the disease varies widely based on a number of factors. It is often found in older adults because of the risk factors include. These factors include smoking, inhaling incense or other smoke and chewing tobacco. Avoiding vices like smoking can prevent the formation of tongue cancer.

The base of tongue cancer prognosis varies from one patient to the other. It depends on the actual cancer stage situation or malignant condition of the patient. If the cancer is early treated, the tongue cancer prognosis becomes progressive. However, delay in treatment could result to lower survival rate of the cancer of the tongue prognosis. Treating this cancer as early as possible is very beneficial.

Tongue cancer prognosis causes vary from case to case. The excessive use of tobacco is one major cause of this cancer. People who smoke often are likely affected. The constant intake of alcohol is also a common cause of tongue cancer. Another cause is from a previous exposure to radiation. Low diet in fruits and vegetables can also be a cause of tongue cancer. People who have taken immune-suppressants therapy due previous transplants can be affected with this cancer as well. Preventing this cancer could happen if you avoid these conditions.

The tongue cancer prognosis really depends on several factors. It may be stages where the cancer has progressed. It may also due to the age and how healthy the patient is. It may also due to the way the patient will respond to treatment. Stage 4 tongue cancer prognosis is not good as this is the most critical stage. Stage 3 tongue cancer prognosis is also a serious one. If the cancer advances to stage 3, there is a chance for the tumor to grow more. This could result to start affecting other areas of the mouth that can cause severe harm. The size of the cancer also increases. Treating this cancer survival rate regardless of stages is highly recommended.

Knowing tongue cancer prognosis can give you encouragement to find way to survive. Survival rate surely increases if a patient seeks tongue cancer prognosis treatment immediately. Seeking the help of a medical doctor can really help any patient get cured.