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Tongue Cancer Surgery

Tongue Cancer Surgery for Treatment

Tongue cancer surgery  is one of the best treatments for small cancer on the tongue. This medical process is quick and efficient. It is basically a surgical removal of tumors that are causing cancer.

Tongue Cancer Surgery

Tongue Cancer Surgery

This surgery is successfully executed with no change to the functions of the tongue. However, other cases can seriously impair speech and the ability to swallow due to some factors. Treating tongue cancer through surgery is normally primary method used.

It is important for a medical surgeon to examine the patient first and assess the condition if a tongue cancer surgery is needed or not. His assessment is really important especially for those who have larger tongue cancers. If not treated at once, the patient will suffer more significant problems or complications or even death. Consulting medical help from a doctor is strictly recommended.

Base of tongue cancer surgery is necessary for those who have small tongue cancer. After tongue cancer surgery, there are possible results that may still require some attention. A success cancer removal on the tongue will normally cause no trace of cancerous cells left behind. There are other cases in which cancer cells are still left behind. This will lead the patient to undergo radiation therapy for cure. The tongue cancer removal may also lead to some changes in the speech and swallowing of the patient. This is the reason why some patients do not want tongue cancer surgery. They want the option of undergoing radiation therapy because there is no risk of such a result. Getting the best surgeon can only give you encouragement to undergo surgery.

A tongue cancer surgery treatment may have some side effects. These could either permanent or temporary. Effect included may lead to problems regarding speech, eating or drinking and even changes in the appearance of a patient. After a patient has undergone surgery he has to be very careful in his activities during the tongue cancer surgery recovery. He must follow his doctor’s instructions to be able to use the proper function of his tongue. Avoiding complications is possible if you do the suggestions of your doctor.

Aside from tongue cancer surgery options available are radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These may be good alternatives for patients who have late tongue cancers survival rate. It is not advisable that they will undergo tongue cancer surgery if the lymph nodes have already spread to the neck and other parts of the body. Curing a late stage of this cancer would require for some other therapies.

Undertaking a tongue cancer surgery is essential to any patient especially for early stages. It will take some time before a patient can be recovered. However, following the advice and tips of a doctor can make the healing process goes faster.