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Tonsil Cancer Prognosis

Tonsil Cancer Prognosis and Survival Rate

Tonsil cancer prognosis  is something you really do not have to worry about.

Tonsil Cancer Prognosis

Tonsil Cancer Prognosis

The survival rate of this cancer is actually high. Unless the cause is HPV, there is always a good chance to survive and fight off this cancer. If due to HPV tonsil cancer prognosis becomes a discouragement to some who have it. Nonetheless, undergoing early treatment can help a patient survive this cancer.

Cancer of the tonsils is caused by various factors. These include the smoking of cigarettes, drinking heavy alcoholic beverages, oral sex, and other problems related in the mouth and throat. Women can also get this kind of cancer if they have very poor oral hygiene. So this cancer can affect both men and women. Furthermore, the stage 4 tonsil cancer prognosis of this cancer is very low. Among cases, 40 percent are proven to be very fatal. Besides, this is the stage wherein the most crucial cancer can affect somebody. Stage 3 tonsil cancer prognosis has higher survival rate than stage 4. However, stages of this cancer do not really matter the most. Knowing how to prevent and treat tonsil cancer is the ultimate objective a patient needs to learn.

Tonsil cancer has various symptoms depending on stages. Early stages of this cancer are not easily detected. Common symptoms and signs of it include oral bleeding, localized pain, difficulty in swallowing and chewing, and swollen lymph nodes. This cancer has actually tumor which makes it a very serious condition. You have to get rid of this kind of cancer even during its early stages. Diagnosing this cancer is done once symptoms are felt.

There is a possibility to improve the tonsil cancer prognosis or survival rate. Through early and proper treatment, a patient can surely survive from this cancer. It is important then to always have an oral check up so you can detect early if you are prone to tonsil cancer. This gives you more chances to fight off cancer. Having a regular visit to the doctor can improve your chance to prevent tonsil cancer.

Increasing the tonsil cancer prognosis is possible if you follow the tips provided above. You can even avoid this cancer if you know how to prevent it. That is why having knowledge about the cancer can give you clues on what to do and what to avoid. Preventing tonsil cancer is the most important goal regarding this matter.