5 Things that Give Comfort when You Have Cancer

So, you just heard from a doctor that you have cancer. Your life has just been turned upside down and you do feel like you let yourself down. It’s pretty normal for a person with this kind of disease feels lost, anxious, angry, and discouraged. But it doesn’t mean that you can never survive it. There’s always hope to beat this no matter how deadly it might be.


It can be hard to face such situation like this. It can stress you emotionally too. The symptoms may still be bearable, but the emotional part can be really tough. This is when you need some things that help you cope with it.

Help for Cancer Patients‎

1. Family

Knowing you have cancer compels you to spend more time with your loved ones. You become needier of their presence. That alone can give you so much strength and helps ease the emotional pain you may be having now.

2. Friends

Your friends are also good companion in this difficult time. They can be your crying shoulders. But better if you can smile and laugh with them. It helps in making you forget you even have a disease. You may not already have those nights drinking beer but you can still play jokes on each other, watch football game, etc.

3. Cancer Patients

Talking to other patients help you realize that you’re not alone. You are not the only one trying to win this battle. You may be even surprised that being around them can just give you enough hope. You also will uplift them in return, which greatly helps in coping the emotional struggles.

4. Support Groups

Joining a support group where you can meet strangers with problems and struggles in their lives is also a great idea. You may be too embarrassed to share something to your closest friends or relatives, but you do need to vent out those emotions. This is the best alternative for that.


5. Physical or Outdoor Activities

Cancer should not prevent you from doing things you love, unless told by your physician. Riding a bicycle, doing yoga, playing bowling, cooking, etc. are not bad things to do. If your body is busy, so is your mind, which helps you cope with the emotional side effects.

These things can remind you even that life is something to cherish despite having cancer. You’ll learn to appreciate every moment and not take any small thing for granted.

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