Alcohol and Cancer – Dos and Don’ts

Drinking excessive alcohol is not just about having offensive remarks, a hangover, and embarrassing moments. There is much worse consequence alcohol can give you. That is cancer, among other serious and critical illnesses in later life.


People who are regularly drinking this kind of beverage have a high risk of developing certain cancers. In fact, a lot of cancer patients have admitted they drink more than moderate amount. That is just a proof that cancer is more common in individuals who are alcohol drinkers than those who abstain from it.

What kind of alcohol is linked to cancer? Each and every type of alcohol is associated with this disease. It can be beer, wine, spirits, or punch. Several cancer types are likely to develop when exposed with too much alcohol. The more alcohol is consumed, the higher the risk of getting cancer over time.

Liver cancer, mouth cancer, pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, bowel cancer, oesophageal cancer, and breast cancer are the specific types of cancers that can occur due to alcohol. One of them can potentially develop if you drink heavily and more than occasionally. Drinking two or more bottles of alcohol a day can increase the risk of cancer by 10%. The risk becomes higher if you are not only into drinking, but also into smoking. The combination of both bad habits can make you more susceptible to have cancer. Scientifically, the cells in your body are damaged due to the harmful chemicals found from alcohol and cigarettes.

Other than cancers, you may also suffer from other critical health conditions. Among the common illnesses are stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, and stomach ulcers.

You may conclude that cancer is really serious. For sure, you do not want to be diagnosed with this kind of disease. The important thing to do then is to lessen or stop drinking alcohol. You can start by reducing your consumption of alcohol. Baby steps are much better and easier. If you try to stop using or doing something that you have been a routine, it won’t be very easy to do so.

Alcohol and Cancer

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1. Cut Down Alcohol Consumption

Make a goal for the first months of how many glasses or bottles a week you can drink. You may abstain from drinking it on a daily basis. You encourage yourself to only have some during special occasions, such as a birthday party with friends. If you are able to only drink a few times in a month, then it’s good, but it is much better if you can lessen it.


2. Drink Juice and Tea

Instead of alcohol, have a cup of tea or a glass of juice. You can blend fruits and make smoothie. These are healthier beverages because they are natural. They consist of nutrients that are essential for your body. It is more beneficial as they can prevent free radicals that can cause cancer.

3. Eat Healthily

Other than healthy beverages, there are also nutritional foods that you should eat. Eating slices of fruits and vegetables is a great way to flush toxins found in the body.

4. Exercise

This may not be a direct solution against the prevention or reduction of drinking alcohol. However, it helps you have a healthier body that can reduce the risk of cancer. You do need to regularly workout.

5. Do Interesting Activities

You also try some outdoor activities, sports, and other stuff that interest you. It is important that you get active. Instead of sitting down drinking, why not just climb some mountains, kayak in the nearby water, or do shopping.

It is in your hands whether you allow cancer to beat your body. If you do not like it at all, then start reducing or avoiding the consumption of alcohol. It is better to act now than to regret later.

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