Brain Cancer Survival Rate

Brain Cancer Survival Rate – Surviving the Unthinkable

Brain cancer is a disease that touches thousands of people each year; that’s why many doctors and scientists constantly seek to enhance and prolong the brain cancer survival rate of afflicted patients.


The brain cancer survival rate is determined in part by the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed.  The stage 4 brain cancer survival rate, for example, is often only nine months to one year.  This is due to the fact that, by this stage, the cancerous tumors have grown and spread substantially and are particularly aggressive.

The metastatic brain cancer survival rate has traditionally been similar to the stage 4 brain cancer survival rate, as the brain is a difficult area to treat, and metastasized cancer cells tend to spread far and fast.  This is changing, though, as new surgical and medicinal procedures are available to help stop the spread of and even eliminate cancers, even when they affect the brain.  As with most diseases, early detection is the key to the ultimate survival and success of the brain cancer patient.

It is important also to consider the lung and brain cancer survival rate, as it is an established fact that the lung is the most common ‘source organ’ for metastatic cancer, and lung cancer has been known to spread to the lungs.  And sadly, the five-year rate of survival for people diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread (metastasized) to other areas of the anatomy is only 3 percent.

A brain cancer survival rate chart can help doctors and patients determine the odds of survival for those afflicted with this dreaded disease.  The problem is that, in devising a chart of this sort, one must consider a number of interconnected factors.


As with most forms of cancer, a young person in good physical shape, whose condition is caught early and treated thoroughly, stands the best chance of long-term survival when it comes to brain cancer.  The type and location of the cancer also bear a great effect on the overall survival rate.  Many charts are calculated using a standard five-year rate of survival, with some patients not living that long and others surviving far longer—especially these days, thanks to the advancement of medical technology and the success of clinical trials and alternative therapies.

Brain cancer is a dreaded disease, it’s true, but it is not a lost cause; thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, the brain cancer survival rate rises with time.


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