Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Is It Good News?

People who have the concern regarding breast cancer survival rates are those who have been diagnosed with the disease or those with loved one that has it. I just hope more women are interested regarding this matter. Having knowledge about it helps in preventing it from developing, which is a better concept to always think about.


The survival rates in breast cancer depends on the stage of the disease. Like other cancers, this health condition has stages from I (1/one) to IV (4/four). The lower the stage a person has the better chance to survive. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to get completely treated if the patient is suffering from a stage 3 to 4 breast cancer.

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You have to understand that the information that you are going to learn here are breast cancer survival rates by stage but not entirely accurate. It should serve as a reminder or a warning to give you the motivation on what to do. It’s always the doctors that have the final say and confirmation on the prognosis of this cancer. In other words, it’s recommended seeking medical and professional help than guessing just because you have some research about it.

For experts, the survival rates in cancers are created based on the observation they made from past patients and their cases. They studied and calculated the gap between the years the patients were first diagnosed and the time they passed away. Since then, that has been regarded as a full evidence in finding the breast cancer survival rates. It’s due to the majority of the cases in the previous years that they have formulated these survival rates in breast cancer patients.

Aside from the time gap, there are other factors that complete the formula of these rates. These elements include the severity of the disease. Remember that breast cancer survival rates by stage are usually the most common to discuss by physicians to their patients. The stage of the cancer in a patient is the most accurate and inclusive factor used to give out the chance of survival.

There are also breast cancer survival rates by age. Generally, the kind of health of a person can be identified if it’s strong enough to combat certain diseases or not. It’s not an uncommon knowledge to wonder if people from 50s and above are physically stronger and biologically in shape than those who are in their 20s to 30s.


Let’s have an example to help you understand how breast cancer survival rates through age as factor work. This is totally non-fiction and only an illustration to give you a clearer picture. So let’s say there are two patients, one is 25 years old and another who is 45. They both are diagnosed with breast cancer in stage III (3). They obviously have the same case, but when it comes to prognosis that’s when the difference strikes. The patient who is younger is physically stronger than the other, which makes the survival rate of the former much higher.

The following are the most accepted breast cancer survival rates by stage.

Stage 0 – 1 = 100%

Stage II = 93%

Stage III = 72%

Stage IV = 22%

Despite the breast cancer survival rates given to you, it must not discourage you or make you lose hope. Instead, it should motivate you and give you more confidence that you are going to win this battle. There should be no struggle or worries after knowing the prognosis of this disease but rather open up your eyes and mind that you will get well soon. Being positive is a key to make you keep going on with your life.

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