Cancer Killer Fruit, Graviola – Is It True or Just a Myth?

Graviola, also popularly known as soursoup, is considered a cancer killer fruit. How is this accurately effective in treating cancer is the big question. Has it been proven scientifically and tested in humans? Do many experts agree that it can really kill cancerous cells? Let’s see the answer as we continue reading below.


Graviola is common in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa. It contains vitamin C and phytochemicals. Its flesh is soft, sweet and sour. It’s even watery that can be used for juice. Many candies and ice cream also use this for the main flavor. It’s definitely a tasty fruit to eat. However, we are still finding out if this same fruit works in curing cancer.

GraviolaImage Source: healthy-holistic-living

This cancer killer fruit brings a debate worldwide. If you Google and search more information, which you shouldn’t already because all the details you need to know are summarized here, you’ll see some sites say that graviola can kill cancer, while other sites contain experts and physicians as authors saying there’s no scientific evidence to confirm the claim.

The fact that graviola is a fruit means it has essential nutrients that can lessen symptoms and treat many types of diseases. However, as most experts agree with, there has been no proof to show that this fruit can really cure a variety of cancer types. There’s no research studies conducted yet that this food can contribute in preventing a cancer disease. Because of that fact, we cannot rule out or agree either of its ability to treat cancer.

Whether you believe it or not, eating graviola or drinking its juice shouldn’t stop you. Many nutrients can be absorbed here to promote health in general. If you have cancer, there’s nothing wrong to try finding out if this fruit can help you feel much better. Only one way to find that out is after taking it for weeks. It may increase your energy levels and reduce other symptoms caused by cancer. It’s safe to say that but to actually recommend for cancer treatment is not ideal to do because experts don’t even advise it.


There are many capsules extracted from graviola that some cancer patients are taking it because of their desperation to get cured. For such a great illness like cancer, the psychological aspect can kick in trying to believe almost everything just for the sake of survival. You should not take those capsules without prescription from a physician.

Graviola may or may not treat cancer. But it’s proven to cure many common and minor illnesses, such as cold, viruses, and fatigue. It’s still a delicious fruit to eat on a regular basis. Now that the question has been answered it should have give you clarity.