Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

Know the Roots, Know the Danger – The Causes of Pancreatic Cancer


The causes of pancreatic cancer are many and varied.  Yet by taking the time to educate yourself about the causes of this dreaded disease, you may stand a better chance of avoiding its life changing effects.

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of pancreatic cancer is pretty much unavoidable.  As with most other types of cancer, genetic factors do play a part in determining one’s likelihood to contract pancreatic cancer.  If a close relative has suffered from this disease at any time, make sure to stay on top of your overall health condition through frequent physicians’ checkups.

Also on the list of causes of pancreatic cancer that can’t be easily controlled is chronic pancreatitis; indeed, those who suffer from long-term inflammation of the pancreas are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.  Diabetics also are more likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer.

Other uncontrollable causes of pancreatic cancer include gender (pancreatic cancer is more likely to strike men), race (African-Americans run a higher risk of contracting this illness), and age (more than 80 percent of pancreatic cancer cases involve patients between the ages of 60 and 80).  Yet while these groups run a higher risk of getting this dreaded disease, no one is immune; that’s why it can’t be emphasized enough that everyone should visit their doctors regularly and take care of themselves.

The good news is that numerous other causes of pancreatic cancer can be more closely monitored and controlled.  For example, people who smoke can double their risk of pancreatic cancer.  So, to put it simply, don’t smoke!


Diet also plays a role in determining the causes of pancreatic cancer.  Those who consume foods with high amounts of cholesterol—as well as those who favor fried foods as a part of their daily diets–are more likely to contract this disease; and obese individuals run a very high risk.  Those who monitor and maintain their weight, and who eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, stand a better chance of leading a longer, healthier life—and of avoiding pancreatic cancer.

The causes of pancreatic cancer are many and varied, and some are easier to control than others.  Yet by getting frequent doctor checkups, watching your diet, refraining from smoking, and monitoring existing health conditions such as diabetes, you can stand a better chance of avoiding pancreatic cancer.

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