Cervical Cancer Survival Rate – How Risky is the Cancer

What is the current cervical cancer survival rate? Did it improve from the last several years? Is there an increase on the rate that may give a devastating bad news to women? Well, read on and find out if there has been an improvement whether an increase or decrease.

Cervical Cancer Survival Rate

Cervical Cancer Survival Rate

The rate of cervical cancer some years ago was tremendous. It was considered as one of the widespread and deadliest cancers in women. The number of deaths was really alarming that motivated a lot of organizations that campaigned awareness to fight off the increase and growth of cervical cancer survival rate.

Generally, the rate improved down due to advanced development of medicines and treatments. Pap smear test was the most essential development that was created. Its accuracy is 90% effective in diagnosing and detecting the possibility to have cervical cancer. That can help treat a patient as soon as possible especially if it is still on its earliest stage. Without this, the rate would have continued to increase for sure.

Cervical cancer survival rates vary based on the stages. Typically, there are five stages of cervical cancer just like other cancerous diseases. The stages refer to how far the cancer has spread and grown. The later the stage is the more dangerous the cancer has become. Yet, it is important that each stage must be prevented so you won’t bother going to the hospital, seeing your doctor and taking treatment. It is much better if you are safe from the cancer and contribute in decreasing its survival rate. Moreover, let’s learn the different cervical cancer survival rates by stage.

The rate for stage 0 or 1A is around 95 to 99% which is obviously very high. A woman with cervical cancer of this stage can easily cure it as long as it is detected early. Since it is an early stage, symptoms do not usually occur at this time. However, if you take regular or annual checkup regularly, it is always possible to detect existing tumors and treat the condition through surgery.

Among the improved cervical cancer survival rates is the range between 80 to 90% of stage 1 or stage 1B. The cancer during this stage is more visible when detecting. However, signs and symptoms still remain unobvious so take regular checkup or undergo Pap smear for detection. The treatment for this stage may depend on the findings whether through surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or laser treatment.


The cervical cancer survival rate for stage 2 is 65 to 70%. It is somewhat low compared to the rates of stages 0 and 1. Yet, symptoms and signs are more obvious so cancerous cells or malignant tissues are easily detected. Once you notice abnormalities that are likely symptoms of cervical cancer, do not waste any time but to go to a doctor as immediately as you can. Like stage 1, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or laser treatment is the methods executed to cure the cancer.

Stage 3 cervical cancer survival rate lowers down from 40 to 45%. It is considered to be a critical stage because the cancer has spread to the lateral walls of the pelvic area and to the lower part of the vagina. However, there is still hope to fight off the cancer during this stage through radiation therapy and laser treatment.

For the last stage 4, the cervical cancer survival rate is 15 to 20%. The cancer has spread and grown to different body organs. The treatment may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and laser therapy.

Regardless of the cervical cancer survival rates treatment is still the most important aspect. Thus, do not hesitate to visit your gynecologist for proper way of treating the cancer.