Colon Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

Colon Cancer Survival Rates by Stage – Know Your Survival Rate

There is a difference regarding colon cancer survival rates by stage. Lower stages of this cancer have more chances for patients to survive. Higher stages have likely less chance to survive. This does not mean though that you lose hope once your cancer is at the stage 3 or stage 4. There is always a chance to survive despite the identified survival rates. Finding out about colon cancer prognosis can give you so much hope and encouragement to continue appreciating every second of your life.


Colon cancer is basically a disease that mainly affects the lower part of the digestive system. Parts of this system that are affected are the colon, rectum and appendix. Despite of its effects, colon cancer can be prevented compared to other cancers. The first stage of this cancer has 90 percent survival rate. The most critical stage which is stage 4 has minimal chance for patient to survive as its rate is only about 10 percent. Regardless of the stages of the colon cancer diagnosed, a patient can still be hopeful as there are effective cures and preventive measures of this disease. Undergoing treatment is important in this kind of cancer.

It is suggested that you know the colon cancer signs and symptoms. This helps you have the time to seek treatment as quickly as possible. It can surely help you avoid getting the worse stage. Among the symptoms included are pain in the abdomen, stools, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea and tiredness or fatigue. Knowing the early colon cancer symptoms could encourage you to find treatment right away.


Colon cancer is curable so treatment is always accessible. No matter what the colon cancer survival rates by stage are, there should no reason not to get cure. You should find treatment colon cancer and diet is highly recommended. You must know the basic ways to prevent colon cancer. It can help you get cured immediately if you do the right treatments. Some medications are also necessary for both colon cancer and back pain. Applying proper treatments and cures is the key to survive in the case of a colon cancer.

Having knowledge about treatments can contribute much help regardless of the colon cancer survival rates by stage. There is a possible chance that the survival rate of cancer can increase. Fighting off this cancer through proper cures is what must patients do in order to survive.

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