Days to Raise Cancer Awareness

Not all of us are familiar with the months or days of the cancer awareness. But it is rewarding to at least know some of them, especially if you know someone who has survived or is currently suffering from a certain cancer. Whether you have a family member with cancer or not, here are what you must know in regards to the calendar of raising cancer awareness.


World Cancer Day – February 4

There are specific months of raising awareness of the different cancers, but the global observance of cancers in general is held on the 4th of February. This is done every year, in which various events are conducted, like public speaking and conferences, which include the sharing of how to detect, prevent and cure cancers. Local people, independent businesses, and organizations host various activities. There are also campaigns and advertisements in different forms, such as commercials on TV, radio, posters, booklets and leaflets.

Though it is an important day to remember, the World Cancer Day is not considered as a public holiday. Yet, everyone is encouraged to raise awareness during this day, to help lessen the number of cases of cancers around the world.

We will not discuss each of the cancer awareness months in details, but here is a summary that you must know. Make sure to mark your calendar to remind you.

– Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

– Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month
– World Cancer Prevention Month

– Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
– Kidney Cancer Awareness Month

– Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month
– Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month
– Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

– Brain Cancer Awareness Month
– Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

– National Cancer Survivors Day

– Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
– Sarcoma Awareness Week

– Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
– Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month
– Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness Month
– Leukemia Awareness Month
– Lymphoma Awareness Month
– Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month
– Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
– Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month
– Prostate Cancer Awareness Month


– Breast Cancer Awareness Month
– Liver Cancer Awareness Month

– Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Month
– Lung Cancer Awareness Month
– Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
– Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Aside from the designated months the cancer awareness is commemorated, there are different symbols in various colors, too. They are in a ribbon form in different colors that help promote the prevention and hope against cancers. Some may differ in other countries but most people have common colors.

Here are some examples, usually the common ones.

Black Ribbon – Melanoma Cancer Awareness
Green Ribbon – Kidney Cancer Awareness
Gray Ribbon – Brain Cancer Awareness
Light Blue Ribbon – Prostate Cancer
Lime Ribbon – Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Awareness
Orange Ribbon – Leukemia Awareness
Pink Ribbon – Breast Cancer Awareness
Purple Ribbon – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
Teal Ribbon – Ovarian Cancer Awareness
Teal and White Ribbon – Cervical Cancer Awareness
Yellow Ribbon – Bone Cancer
Violet Ribbon – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness

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