How Does Radiation Therapy Work in Killing Cancer

Radiation therapy is one common method to treat patients with cancer. How this works is what we will discuss through the information below.


The term “radiation” in the treatment of killing cancer is energy run by waves of particles. This enables to damage genes in cells that have been exposed to cancer. Once this becomes successful, the genes won’t able to grow or divide. Hence, killing cancer through radiation therapy is very effective in dissolving cancerous cells and removing tumors.

Radiation Therapy

What you need to understand is that one session of radiation therapy treatment doesn’t make the cancer go away in an instant. Depending on the stage of the cancer, undergoing with this kind of treatment can take more than one session.

A doctor has the final go to say whether a cancer patient needs radiation therapy or not. Once suggested, you must take it as a way for you to survive. It is not ideal to argue or recommend what you want to get treated. Keep in mind that doctors are trained and professional who know only the best for their patients. That said, you need to trust the doctor of if you’re unsure, go for a second opinion.

The fees involved of radiation therapy in cancer may vary depending on the hospital, frequency to conduct it, and the type of cancer. You will not only pay for its price alone, but also for the charge for the doctor and some medications that may be prescribed. You better have a clear understanding of the breakdown and techniques of this therapy since it’s your right as a patient to know everything.

Perhaps, you are wondering if there are any side effects of radiation therapy. It doesn’t safe to say there’s none, but some cancer patients may be too lucky to not experience any side effect. At least now you know that it can happen. Whatever side effects or abnormal conditions you may be having, the best thing to do is call your doctor or else visit him/her to inform about it.


There is nothing to be scared of in killing cancer and getting treated through radiation therapy. It should give you a much higher hope instead. It’s proven to be one of the most effective treatments against cancer. If others have successfully survived cancer due to this kind of treatment, then you must have the confidence that you will too. Thus, making an appointment to a doctor about this therapy is the wisest thing you can do once you know you have cancer.

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