How Essiac Tea is Helpful Against Cancer

Have you ever wondered if there is any juice or tea that is good for preventing or treating cancer? Fortunately, there are, which you have probably guessed right now. If you have been thinking blended fresh fruits, that’s correct, but there is one particular tea that may interest you. If in case you haven’t heard, Essiac tea is believed and proven to treat cancer. However, before drinking this tea, you need to consult your doctor first. Anyhow, you will be learning more about this tea as you read along.


Who is recommended to drink Essiac tea?

Generally, Essiac tea is only recommended for individuals who are diagnosed with cancer, regardless of the type and stage. Physicians won’t suggest their patients to drink this if they are currently undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is not also safe for patients whose cancer cells are growing in advance.

How does Essiac tea technically work in the body of a cancer patient?

Essiac Tea actually consists of four or more herb ingredients. These herbs should be excellent in fighting cancer cells. Among the ideal herbs to use for this tea are burdock root and sheep sorrel. Others herbs must be able to protect the organs from dangerous cells, detoxify the body, and increase or improve the immune system. That means this tea is not just a mixture of any herbs, but those real good ones that help fight the growth and spread of cancer.

This tea has been used as a means to treat cancer types since the early 20th century. If the cancer is still in the early stage, the patient must make it a habit to drink at least two to three glasses a day. Patients with later stage cancer should double or triple the amount. In cancer, it is really important to stop the spread or growth of cancerous cells.

Can you buy or make an Essaic tea?

Anyone can make or buy Essaic tea. For beginners, it is best to buy one to be sure of the ingredients and serving. However, this should be approved by your doctor first. To know if the Essiac tea that you buy is ideal for you, you should just simply check and read the label of the product.


If you plan to make an Essaic tea, it is not just a simple solution that you can do. You have to be certain that you make it right. When you make one, do not use plastic or aluminium ware in preparing the formula. In storing it, the tea should be kept cold, because heat can destroy the good effects or benefits of the beverage. So, it is best to put it in a cool area but not in a refrigerator. Once there is green mold in the tea, do not think about drinking it, and rather dump it, as it indicates spoiling.

Essiac tea is a particular drink that is discovered to cure and also prevent cancer. This should not be ignored and given less importance. However, it must not just be a decision you have to make on your own. Ensure that you consult a doctor first before taking it. Besides, it is a general rule to ask a physician about the dos and don’ts to avoid harming and worsening your condition. This also implies that not because it has been proven as a good cancer treatment, it is automatically recommended or safe to drink it. Just get the suggestion or recommendation and approval of your doctor for certainty.

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