How Important Indoles are In Fighting Cancer

The number of cancer cases increase year by year. More people, especially late adults and seniors, are diagnosed with different types or cancers. This is a very alarming news, but not uncommon as well. While a lot of people are aware of how serious and deadly cancer is, the main objective to live a healthy life is still ignored. So what do we do to actually lower cancer cases around the world?


Educating people to raise awareness is definitely one of the initial solutions. People may do need to know more than just the surface, and hopefully this helps stop the rampant rise of cancer.

Indoles fighting cancer

Indoles in Healthy Foods

Indoles are fighting cancer substances that are found in many healthy foods. These are a type of phytochemicals that decrease the risk of not only cancers, but other life-threatening diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Diet surely has a very significant role in counter-fighting cancers. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or not, your diet, should include foods high in indoles. Indole-3-carbinol is the particular kind your body needs to lower the risk of different cancer types, most particularly prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Indoles are mostly found in cruciferous vegetables. These include cauliflowers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and turnips. These veggies are common, which means many recipes to learn and be familiar with. There’s no excuse of avoid eating these foods then if they contain indoles fighting cancer compounds.

Furthermore, indoles are present in other green vegetables, which include cabbage and bok chow or Chinese cabbage. Not to mention that these are considered leafy greens, which are delicious and very nutiritious.

Adding more vegetables, fruits and cereal grains to your diet increases the odd to prevent cancers. It’s very helpful that you apply this on your daily life. It can save you and live much longer.


There’s no danger in eating healthy foods of course. But you must know that the intake of too much cruciferous can suppress the important function of thyroid. It means that if you have some thyroid problem you must be very careful in consuming any cruciferous veggies. If none, there must be no problem eating these foods every day.


Let’s not forget that indoles aren’t only fighting cancer agents. There are other phytochemicals you must include in your diet. Carotenoids, allicin, lutein, and lycopene are other primary compounds that help fight cancers. They are most commonly found in carrots, tomatoes, and other popular vegetables and fruits.

If you are able to consume foods that contain indoles and other indoles fighting cancer substances, there is a slim chance you’ll suffer from cancer. It’s never too late to change your diet and turn your bad habits to a healthier and more positive lifestyle. But it might be too late to start doing something once you are diagnosed with the disease.

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