How to Raise Funds for Cancer Patients?

A fund raising for cancer patients is meaningful. It’s never a waste of time and energy to raise some money that proceeds to patients who need hope, courage, and means to survive. Treatments involved in battling the disease are very expensive. Some may be unfortunate to pay for their medical bills. If you care for people with cancer, whether they are family members, friends, or strangers, learn how to raise funds.


1. Obtain Permission from the Patients

Cancer patients who you intend to help should be informed of the fund raising activity. It’s proper to talk to them and get their approval. If they nod and say yes, then you may start planning. Don’t do anything without their response because some may not be willing to accept the charity offered to them for some reason and the least you can do is to respect that decision, which means a help somehow.

2. Plan

So you get the approval from the patients. What you do next is to create a plan. What kind of fund raising do you want to perform? There are several ways available. Selling old stuff, lemonade, and others is one easy option. Having a concert where you sell tickets is also a great idea. Car washing, teaching some instructional lessons, marathon, and auctions are other nice choices.

3. Get Volunteers

Create a team of your fund raising activity for cancer patients. You definitely need helpers. Remember you are going to raise money so anyone who likes to help you must expect free charge. Don’t give them a portion from the money you raised. Be very clear on this matter when you organize your own team.

Learn how to raise funds

4. Advertise

From Facebook to your office, let the public know about your fund raising charity event. You advertise your intention just like how general marketing works so people have the idea of what you’re trying to do. A lot of those people have the same passion to help so if they know if it’s for a good cause they’d participate without any second thought. Making a banner that you can hang and printing leaflets won’t cost you much.


5. Collect

Make sure that you get funds in different ways. This means you don’t just allow hand-on cash, but also money through PayPal, bank account deposits, etc. You may also tolerate a firsthand giving they may like to do, such as going to the hospital to pay for some bills and donating medications. Be honest with the total amount collected to the cancer patients. You give all to them and never put some in your pocket.

These are the basics on how to raise funds for cancer patients. It may take days or weeks to organize a successful fund raising activity. Despite the work required, it will be certainly worth it. If you really have that heart, kudos to you, so better enjoy it and be proud of yourself too!

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