How to Treat Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is basically in three types. These are leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. They have different kinds each, with various signs and symptoms. While they differ in a lot of things, they are all affecting one essential part of the body, which is blood, of course. There is also one thing they have in common, the treatment. In most cases, the procedure to treat leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma involves the same or similar treatments. Let’s talk about the general treatments of blood cancer.



Like other cancer types, blood cancer can be cured with chemotherapy. This is one procedure that effectively kills cells that are cancerous. It helps prevent the growth and spread of cancer. Moreover, the process of this treatment involves the insertion of medications against cancer, such as pacitaxel and interleukin.

Radiation Therapy

Also known as radiotherapy, radiation therapy is conducted to cure malignant cancerous cells. It technically utilizes high-powered beams, which include x-rays and gamma rays. Most of the time, this kind of treatment is performed along with chemotherapy and surgery. Yet, it can also be administered without the combination of other treatments. It depends on the case and the doctor’s recommendation.


Biological therapy or immunotherapy focuses more on the immune system to treat this type of cancer. Since the disease greatly affects the immune system, this treatment procedure can help battle it and normalize the immune system. This is somewhat a new type of treatment which works in boosting the immune system through different artificial forms that make up normal components of the immune system.

Bone Marrow Transplant

It is not always an option to transplant bone marrow to the patient’s victim, but if this is necessary, you do not have any choice. A doctor usually recommends this based on circumstantial reason. During the performance, cancerous and abnormal stem cells are replaced with new, healthier ones, which are usually taken from a matching donor. Furthermore, these stem cells are located in the bone marrow.

Herbal Treatment


There are also reliable herbs that you can try to cure blood cancer. Garcinia Mangostana and xanothenes are two of the varieties of herbs that are proven to treat cancer in the blood, especially leukemia. They are found effective for cancer treatment because of their growth inhibiting features. These herbs should be used as ingredients for daily drinks. You have to ask your physician in regards to the intake of such herbs as treatment.

Other Natural Cures

There are also vegetables and fruits that are high in anti-cancer substances. Most of them have plenty of antioxidants, which help lower the risk of making cancerous cells grow and spread. Thus, such foods should be eaten and included on the daily diet for further solution against blood cancer.

Blood cancer is not one of those mild health conditions that are easily cured with medicines. It is a disease that needs more than one treatment. But despite its seriousness, there is always hope to fight this cancer. Just take the proper procedure of diagnosing the cancer, followed by right treatment.

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