Lung Cancer Survival Rate – How Many Chances are there to Cure Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer survival rate has been always the first thing a patient and his family try to know and understand. It has been a common inquiry by most men and women who are suffering from lung cancer. Knowing the percentage of lung cancer survival rates can either give hope or loss to any lung cancer patient.


It is very unpredictable to know how long a patient can deal with and survive his cancer. Only through lung cancer survival rate can give the patent some hopes to fight and survive from suffering. Most of the rates are actually applied to averages only. This includes the rates of most lung cancer survivors who lived longer and those who lived less. Out of 100 people, only 5 to 16 percent among patients are generally surviving. Keeping your faith up occurs once you get to find out the survival rates of lung cancer.

Stage 4 lung cancer survival rate is the most commonly asked rate by many people around the world. This is because of the reality that only few can survive from this state of lung cancer. The percentage is only 5 among 100 patients who can live for at least a few years. This stage 4 lung cancer provides less chance to survive. Finding out the lung cancer survival rate of this stage 4 might just give any patient a big disappointment.

Chemo treatments are the only thing that can make the life years of a person extended. These treatments actually involve some procedures a lung cancer patient needs to do and apply. They include exclusively lung cancer treatments and habits that refer to diet and lifestyle. Undergoing the process of chemo therapy and treatment can help increase the life span of a patient.

Doctors cannot precisely tell you lung cancer survival rates. They can only give approximate percentages based on previous reports and studies conducted. You should not be disappointed if they give you low rates because in the first place these data could be just an estimate. It means that there is no specific assumption as to how long a lung cancer patient can live. Hoping for a miracle with a strong faith and great belief can give you encouragement and reason to live on.


Finding out the lung cancer survival rate must not serve as a life threat. It should be accompanied with positive feedback, greater faith and more hopes. Furthermore, it would truly help you fight the sad and disappointing feeling if you live to the fullest. Making every second of your life the best is what’s worth it.

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