Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate – Something to Hope for or Afraid Of?

Most of the women who are interested to know about ovarian cancer survival rate are those who are currently suffering from ovarian cancer. There are a small percentage of patients who survive in this health condition. Depending on the stages, survival rates may vary. Learning the different survival rates of ovarian cancer can give you an idea on how to prevent it.


Stage 1 ovarian cancer is treatable. Thus, a high survival rate is expected. About 90 percent of women who have stage 1 ovarian cancer can definitely survive for more than 5 years. The minimum survival 5 years beyond ovarian cancer prognosis is already considered high. Having a regular checkup and pap smears can help you prevent this stage.

For stage 2 patients, the ovarian cancer survival rate becomes low. About 75 percent of patients can have the chance to survive of 5 years or more. If the cancer is on stage 3, only 34% can survive from it. Going to a lower rate is stage 4 in which only 18 percent can have the chance to survive. Surviving from this cancer depends on the stage of your condition and your lifestyle in general.

Any ovarian cancer survival patient must learn to treasure every moment he has. It is not easy to survive from this kind of cancer. If you compare the survival rate of ovarian cancer over uterine cancer survival rate, you would see the big difference. Ovarian cancer is undoubtedly a life-threatening condition. Preventing this illness is important so every woman is advised to take care of herself.


Any woman can get this cancer due to some factors. Women mostly suffer from this because of improper and imbalanced hygiene. There should be a regular wash on the genital area. During sexual intercourse, it is important to have a proper wash before and after the activity. Another factor that may give you an ovarian cancer is through STDs. The ovary can be damaged due to harmful infections. Knowing the ovarian cancer symptoms can help in getting quick treatment.

Having knowledge about ovarian cancer survival rate would be very essential. This helps you fight for the cancer and live strong instead. With faith and belief, you can encourage yourself that you can survive the cancer. If you have faith, then you can surely be positive all throughout the journey until you finally survived. Living to the fullest is the survival implication of why there are some women who get ovarian cancer.

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