Stage 4 brain cancer

Stage 4 brain cancer – Learn the facts

Stage 4 brain cancer is a serious disease that claims many lives each year; and as is the case with most illnesses, knowledge and early detection is the best combined defense.


Sadly, even with significant advances in modern medicine, any and all statistics regarding the stage 4 brain cancer survival rate and the stage 4 brain cancer life expectancy are not overly optimistic, to say the least.  In fact, the stage 4 brain cancer prognosis is among the most grim and limited of all in terms of cancer diagnosis, with most patients expected to die between nine and 12 months following diagnosis.
At this point you may wonder as to the nature, signs and symptoms of this devastating disease.  You may be asking, just what is stage 4 brain cancer?  Basically, at the fourth stage, the cancer has become deeply rooted in the brain; and, in all likelihood, cancerous cells have spread to other areas of the body; perhaps even crucial areas such as the spine or the liver.

Stage 4 brain cancer symptoms can include a loss of memory, substantial changes in one’s behavior, severe vision impairments, and perhaps even paralysis. These devastating symptoms join a whole host of others from which many cancer victims already suffer, including vomiting, extreme fatigue, pain, etc.

Although it’s extremely difficult to treat stage 4 brain cancer, doctors often attempt to prolong—or, at least, to improve the quality of—a patient’s life through surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, diet and medication.  Although no surefire cure exists for brain cancer, at least at this advanced level, a concerned physician will make every effort possible to help their patients live longer; or , at the very least more comfortably.


Admittedly, the diagnosis and prognosis associated with stage 4 brain cancer remain very bleak; though thanks to modern technology, more and more people with brain cancer are able to lead longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

The best chance of fighting stage 4 brain cancer is—to put it bluntly—to catch the disease before it reaches this stage.  The earlier a patient’s brain cancer signs and symptoms (which can include everything from frequent vomiting to severe headaches) can be caught, the better chance a patient faces of leading a long, productive life.  Learn all that you can about stage 4 brain cancer today, for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

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