Stage Four Colon Cancer Survival Rate

Stage Four Colon Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy

Stage four colon cancer survival rate is too low for five-year life expectancy. Only 20 to 30 percent among patients can survive this high stage of colon cancer. However, it is possible that a colon cancer patient at stage 4 can survive. Finding treatment during the early stage can prevent from suffering stage 4 colon cancer.


At stage 0 and stage 1, there is a high survival rate since the prognosis is 90 percent or above for a five-year survival rate. Once you reach a stage higher than 1 such as stage 3 and 4, the survival rate becomes less. Stage 4 colon cancer survival rate lowers down to 20 percent. Learning more about stage 4 colon cancer can give you ideas on how to prevent it.

Colon cancer is a serious disease that primarily affects the lower parts of the digestive system. These include the colon, rectum and appendix. In addition, stage four colon cancer spread to liver. This is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States and other parts of the Western continents.

Is stage four colon cancer curable and easily treated? Many people still wonder the same question. Although the stage four colon cancer life expectancy is low, there is a possibility of cancer treatment. At the early stage, this cancer is considered as the most curable among other cancers. For the colon cancer survival rate stage 4 is too low that seems cure is not responsive. However, this must not stop you from seeking a doctor and undergoing treatment. Even at this most critical stage, every patient is encouraged to get cures and prevention. There is always a chance to survive in the case of stage 4 colon cancer. Believing that stage four colon cancer survival rate improves can surely give you hopes.


A physician can diagnose a patient and give the right method of treatment based on the stage of the cancer. The most common treatments are through surgery and chemotherapy. The doctor decides what you need to undergo for treatment depending on your situation. Hence, visiting a doctor can help you get cures and find out the survival rate.

Ignoring the low stage four colon cancer survival rate can help in some ways. Instead of losing hopes, you are able to uplift your spirit and faith that you can survive if you believe you have lots of chances to live longer. Having faith is all you need to survive from the crucial pain and emotional stress brought by this cancer.

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