Stage Four Lung Cancer Survival Rate

Stage Four Lung Cancer Survival Rate – Life Expectancy

The stage four lung cancer survival rate is very high. The reason is because this stage is the most critical stage of lung cancer. It seems impossible for a patient to survive at this early stage. However, there is no reason to lose hope whatsoever. Knowing how to survive at this stage of lung cancer can give hope to any patient who is suffering with it.


There is no particular or accurate survival rate of stage 4 lung cancer. The statistics only refer to as approximates. This means that no one can surely predict the life expectancy of a lung cancer patient. A patient can have the chance to survive or not regardless of the stage of his cancer. Some can survive due to miracle because of consistent therapy. Others can have a few years left because treatment is not being responsive at all. In other words, survival chance of every cancer patient is not easy to determine. However, knowing the survival rates can give you hope and a reason to go on with your life.

Less than 5 percent is the stage 4 lung cancer survival rate. Out of 100 patients, only 5 among them can survive. This is just an approximate percentage in general. Thus, it is possible that the survival rate can change in time. If not today, perhaps the change occurs during the next generation or after a few years. This rate has the potential to either decrease or increase depending on the development of lung cancer treatment. Undergoing stage four lung cancer cure is still advised even at this stage to have the chance to survive for good.

Everybody is encouraged to know the stage four lung cancer symptoms. This could give you an idea on how you can be affected by the cancer. By knowing, you are able to prevent it as soon as possible before it gets worse. There is a guaranteed chance that you can survive even during the early stage of the cancer. Visiting a doctor for stage four lung cancer diagnosis is suggested after you have identified or experienced symptoms of the cancer.


Stage four lung cancer radiation is applied once you are diagnosed with it. You must undergo a chemotherapy and other necessary treatments so you could have a higher stage four lung cancer survival rate. Getting regular treatment is a must during this condition.

Increasing the stage four lung cancer survival rate is possible if you get proper treatment right away. A patient must not lose hope but rather strive and believe to survive. Having hopes and faith can help in encouraging yourself to survive.

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