Stomach Cancer Survival Rate

Stomach Cancer Survival Rate – Any Chance or Luck?

Stomach cancer survival rate may vary throughout the years. Due to the advancement of technology and medicine, treatment is improved. This gives greater chance for a stomach cancer patient to have more years to live. Compared to lunch cancer survival rate, survival rate for stomach cancer has higher percentage. The reason is because more patients are suffering from lung cancer than stomach cancer. Nonetheless, knowing the survival rate of stomach cancer can give hope and strength.


According to studies, there are millions of people worldwide who suffer stomach cancer and other types related to it like pancreatic cancer. These people experience pain and discomfort in the stomach due to some problems. Cancer in the stomach is very dangerous which eventually leads to death. Diagnosis and treatments must be addressed once stomach cancer symptoms are detected. The good thing about this cancer is that it has cures applicable that would add several years or total treatment. Finding treatment is very vital in this case in order to survive.

You must know that stomach cancer is not a simple illness. Although it has better survival rate than pancreatic cancer survival rate, stomach cancer must be treated immediately. It would be great if people can consider knowing the symptoms of stomach cancer, treatments and stomach cancer survival rate. Moreover, stomach cancer will occur slowly and you won’t determine it during the early weeks. Mild stomach pain occurs as the initial symptom. It would be followed by fever, vomiting and nausea. Any stomach pain and severe fever must be observed. This should draw you to see a doctor immediately. Once you feel unusual and frequent stomach pain, you have to get diagnosis to have the proper procedure to cure it. Visiting a doctor is advisable so you have to make an appointment as early as possible.


Prevention and treatment are given once you are diagnosed with stomach cancer. Aside from these, a patient has the right to know the stomach cancer survival rate. Ad doctor usually tells it once a patient asks for it. The result could either give strength and hope or discouragement. Thus, the only time a doctor tells you about the survival rate of this cancer is if you ask him. Inquiring about the survival rate of this cancer is a risk to take.

Having an idea about stomach cancer survival rate can give you encouragement or disappointment. No matter what the rate is you must still be positive and hope for a miracle. Believing to get well soon should be in your mind always.

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