Breast Cancer – The Signs Every Woman Must Know

Signs and symptoms for breast cancer are not always visible but this condition may be brought about by other health problems. It is necessary not to ignore any symptoms and must be examined by a physician. It is really necessary to undergo screening mammograms regularly.


Here are some common symptoms for breast cancer:

1. Presence of a mass or lump is the first common sign.

This kind of lump is present all the time and does not get smaller or remains intact during menstrual cycle. This lump is attached to the skin and may not be moved. That must be another indication that it’s a cancer.

2. Changes in the nipple.

Normal nipples are pointed outwards always. Nipples that have become inverted must be examined by a doctor. A discharge, especially bleeding, from one nipple may be a sign of breast cancer too.

Changes in the nippleImage Source: slideshare

3. Unusual swelling at the breast.

Presence of swelling is a positive sign of breast cancer.

4. There is redness in the nipple or the breast.

Upon seeing redness in the breast or at the nipple that do not vanish, you must go to your doctor. Swelling, increased warmth and redness are signs of inflammatory breast cancer.


5. Changes in the whole breast such as orange peel or breast dimpling.

Dimpling and thickening of the skin refers to orange peel skin. Itching may also be felt. These are also breast cancer symptoms.

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