Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Throat Cancer Survival Rate – Any Chances to Survive?

Throat cancer survival rate is important to find out. Every patient would surely like to know the rate of survivors of throat cancer. Knowing the survival rate can give encouragement or disappointment to patients.


In the past years, there are about thousands of people diagnosed with throat cancer in the US. This cancer starts in the pharynx which is a muscular tube of 5 inches to the base of the neck unto the back of the nose below the larynx. Larynx and pharynx are easily affected and become a cancer. Learning how throat cancer occurs can give you warning and tips to prevent it.

Throat cancer survival rate may differ depending on the stages. Under this cancer, four stages can be classified. Among the most critical stage is the stage 4. Stage 4 throat cancer survival rate is around 30 percent. This is the lowest percentage of survival rate of throat cancer. This stage is widely affecting the lips, the mouth and the lymph nodes. In contrast, stage 3 throat cancer survival rate levels up to 50 to 60 percent. If stages 3 and 4 are low in survival rates, stages 1 and 2 have higher percentages. This implies that you can either have higher or lower survival rate depending on the stage of your cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments can prolong your life years.

It is highly recommended to have a regular checkup. You have to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. So if you still on the early stage, you have about 90 percent to get cure and survive. Your throat cancer survival rate would surely become higher than the expected percentage. Visiting a doctor on a regular basis could be very beneficial in finding quick and proper treatment.


Health is very important to take care of. In this case, the throat must be given priority too. You must not have oral sexual intercourse with someone who is infected with STD or HIV. The infection can cause cancer in the throat which is actually the initial cause of it. Other factors are case to case basis which rarely happen. Taking care of health and hygiene is important in preventing throat cancer.

Avoiding this cancer can help much by applying some treatments and knowing the throat cancer survival rate. This enables you to have the means and encouragement to prevent cancer. Following the right things to avoid this throat cancer is essential.

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