What are the Signs of Bone Cancer

Bone cancer may be rare unlike the cases of breast cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer. However, people must not be too confident that they may not suffer from this kind of cancer. It can still affect anyone at any age, gender, and race. That said, it is important to be aware of the different signs and symptoms of this cancer.


You may not know that you are already a patient of bone cancer as most of the symptoms are present in your body. It may be an unfortunate condition, but at least, if you are able to diagnose yourself based on the symptoms you are experiencing, you know what to do next. That is to consult medical attention from a physician.


Bone cancer can be of two things: a primary or secondary bone cancer. The difference between these two types is that the former begins right in the bone, while the latter starts anywhere in the body that ultimately spreads to the bone.

Symptoms begin to become visible or felt once a tumor in the bone grows. This causes the healthy bone tissues to be damaged. Basically, some signs of bone cancer happen once a tumor becomes large in its location.

Bone Cancer

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1. Swelling and Pain

The very first symptom a person feels when he has bone cancer is swelling in the area where the tumor has grown. This swelling comes with a painful feeling. It may not be seen but can be felt due to the ache. It can cause you to hardly move as the joints near the location of the tumor becomes stiff or tender.

2. Fever

This is a very common health condition that indicates a lot of illnesses. But this is also felt when you have bone cancer. It may also make you sweat more than normal, especially if you are not even tired.

3. Anemia

Cancerous cells in bones can cause the amount of red blood cells to decrease. You become anemic when you have this kind of cancer. This is also a condition that has to be given immediate medical attention. Having low red blood cell level can make you feel dizzy more often, fatigue, and less energetic.

4. Limp or Fracture


If one of the legs is affected, it is possible to suffer from limp. The worse thing can be fracture in the bone, in which the tumor is located. This is actually a symptom of the later stage of the cancer. It is already causing more damages in the cells in the leg or thigh, if the tumor starts there.

5. Tiredness or Fatigue

Due to the loss of red blood cells, bone cancer can also make you feel easily tired. You may not have done a lot of things the whole day but still feel exhausted after. This is something you must be aware of if you experience other symptoms. It only means that you are 80 to 90% positive of bone cancer. That should motivate you to see a doctor immediately.

6. Weight Loss

In a long term, a person who is suffering from bone cancer can shed some pounds. Sudden or unexplained weight loss is always a very common symptom of cancers.

If you have two or more of these symptoms, the best thing for you to do is to consult a doctor. You need to confirm the signs you have if they indicate bone cancer. The earlier you notice and get professional help, the higher chance for you to battle this kind of health condition. This is also one reason why people should be more aware of the different signs and symptoms of bone cancer to have a better chance of preventing or curing it.

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