Why Lung Cancer is a Human Killer?

How many wonderful stories of cancer patients who survived that have you heard? And how many bad news of people who died due to cancer? Certainly, there are more bad stories than good ones. Sad as it may sound, this is a reality in the world. Cancer is a very serious and deadly disease that can threaten the life of a person who has them.


One of the common cancers that affect a large number of people from all over the world is lung cancer. This is a disease that can take the life of an individual if it is not attended to immediately. It normally starts with a small tumor in one or two of the lungs, then rapidly grow if it’s malignant. But when it is benign it cannot spread into other parts of the body, which is something a sigh of relief. Yet, don’t take cancer a chance to develop in your body!

Cancer of the lung is usually more common in elders, those who are already sixty-five years old or above. A small percentage of cases reflect in people around 45 years old and below. People who have chronic pulmonary disease have higher risk in acquiring the disease. This will likely result if the pulmonary disease is not treated immediately.

Smokers and people who are exposed to asbestos are at a higher risk of acquiring this health problem also. Secondary smokers, which mean people who absorbed smoke from primary smokers, can also inherit this cancer. Even though they are not smoking but if they constantly inhale cigarette smoke from people who do in public places, they can get the disease too. That’s why it’s recommended to cover your nose when some stranger is smoking near you.

People who are overly exposed to air pollution and chemical smokes, such as those from power plants and vehicles, and gases like radon gas, can be also patients of this cancer.


Sometimes, the cancer of the lung may be hereditary. People who have family members with lung cancer before, whether they survived or not, are also at risk. So the best remedy for this is o segregate your utensils, such as spoons, forks, plates, and glasses. People with lung cancer must already have separate kitchen tools. But by hereditary means it can be passed from one generation to another. It’s a highly communicable disease, and can be transferable that easy.

There are several symptoms of lung cancer. Sometimes a person has acquired this disease cannot see any symptoms at all, but during the first early stages. However, CT scan or X-ray can detect any presence of cancer.

The most common symptom is difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath. Cancer around a person’s lung can affect the breathing because of the presence of the tumor or cancerous tissues. The affected lung basically becomes congested, which explains the coughing, and usually with blood.


This health condition will also cause some problems of the heart. Extreme and frequent coughing can affect the heart.

Sometimes, there’s the presence of shoulder pain because the nerves are invaded by the cancer. Other symptoms include paralysis in their vocal chords; thus, leading to hoarseness of voice. Some can have a hard time swallowing and cannot eat properly.

Loss of weight can be attributed to lung cancer as well. The continued coughing at night time can affect the sleep of the patient, so that one too can be a problem.

There is a higher percentage of death for patients with lung cancer than any other cancer around the world. There’s no explanation as to why, but this clarifies the fact that it’s among the most common cancers that the human body can acquire.

The best treatment of lung cancer is chemotherapy, which typically comes in pills. This is the medicine that really fights the cancer that is present in the lungs. There are also chemotherapy injections or shots that can be taken. The kind of chemotherapy to use depends on the degree of the condition and suggestion of the physician.

Another treatment is radiotherapy, which uses radiation to eliminate cancer cells. The machine brings rays or radioactive pellet close into the lung part of the person.

There are also some pills for the therapies of lung cancer patients. This kind of medication is given to patients who have a higher chance of surviving. It’s also provided for the purpose of final recovery.

If the lung cancer is already malignant and no treatment has been taken early, there’s a greater possibility of death. So, do not take this disease lightly or for granted because it can kill a person. Any symptoms related to this condition should be given concern right away. You must see a medical doctor immediately. You are responsible for your own health, and your entire life is at your hand.

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