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Tongue Cancer Survival Rate

Tongue Cancer Survival Rate – Chances to Survive

Tongue cancer survival rate  can be determined by many factors.

Tongue Cancer Survival Rate

Tongue Cancer Survival Rate

These include the age of the patient, cancer stages, treatment taken and general health of a patient. If the patient is not suffering from other diseases, he has greater chance to survive from this disease. Knowing how to survive from this cancer is what you will learn through the facts below.

Tongue cancer is an infection of the areas around the tongue. Oral tongue cancer can be called as lesion or ulcer on the side of the tongue. Tongue usually becomes small and gray pink to red in color. There is a tumor that occasionally bleeds when bitten or touched. It may result to some problems with swallowing, talking or chewing.

These tongue cancer can be taken through excessive tobacco use or too much amount of alcohol drinking. This cancer is twice more prevalent in men than in women. Men usually smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol more often than women. However, having proper treatments would be helpful to eliminate cancer.

Causes of tongue cancer could vary which result to various symptoms. Pain in the tongue is one common symptom. Difficulty in swallowing and chewing is another sign of tongue cancer. Getting medical help is recommended once you feel these discomforts in the tongue.

Base of tongue cancer survival rates can be increased through external beam irradiation and brachytherapy. These are treatments for advanced tongue base cancer. Older patients have lesser chances to survive than young ones. This is because younger ages have stronger immune system than older. Moreover, the base tongue cancer survival rates range from 50 to 60% only. This means that those who have advanced tongue cancer have only one half chance of survival. Having immediate treatment can increase the survival rate.

The tongue cancer survival rate can be increased if there is an early detection and proper treatment. Those who are not healthy enough to have this cancer have low chances of surviving from this disease. Treatment for this base of tongue cancer is mainly through surgical resection with radiation therapy. Other alternative therapy is primary radiation therapy with brachytherapy. Patients with advanced tongue base cancer can be cured through glossectomy and postoperative radiation therapy. Treating this cancer as soon as possible is very essential.

Improving tongue cancer survival rate is possible if patients will undergo medical treatments immediately. There should be preventive measures applied as well. These include the intake of fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, proper hygiene and prevention of harmful vices.  Combating this kind of cancer is only done if you take care of your health and hygiene properly.