5 Ways to Host a Charity Event for Cancer Support

Cancer is one of the most superior and deadliest diseases in the entire world. This is one of the major causes of deaths for the last several years. As of these days, there are more cancer patients diagnosed every year. The number does not decrease and seem never to improve.


Despite this reality, there is always an opportunity to hope for the best as there are room for improvements on everything. While development and improvement continue to rise, people must initiate and conduct events that benefit cancer patients. In fact, you can always support cancer patients and survivors by hosting a charity event. This is one brilliant way to show your support and provide encouragement to patients of any types of cancer. Here are different ways on how you can host a good charity event exclusively for cancer patients, as well as survivors.

1. Marathon

Running is a good way to get fit and increase energy. It is also a nice motivation and reminder to all individuals the importance of staying healthy through regular exercise. Other than that, it is a great way to help patients fight cancer. Marathon is one of the best ways to support cancer. This is a very common charity event. You can initiate this kind of event if you really like to contribute and support the battle against cancer.

2. Auction

Do you know that you can also help or support a fund raising event for cancer through this option? You can buy and sell goods or services to other people. You can even use personal items, especially antiques and other valuable ones. Your friends and relatives can help you by donating some of their stuff, too. The proceeds of this event are a big help to the improvement of treatment and medication against cancer. Any amount of money earned from this should be donated on your chosen charity or be given to a particular cancer patient, or a group of patients.

3. Walk-A-Thon

Marathon may be very popular for a charity event, but walking is also considered to be one of the best ways to improve health, including the lower risk of cancer. Whether you are a patient, a survivor or a supporter, joining a charity event for cancer by walking for a few miles is a brave act. It is much better if you host this kind of event and invite everyone who likes to join. A march of hope and support from numerous people is a good encouragement to recent cancer patients.

4. Cycling


Cycling is also a fun exercise and an ideal event to create for everybody who can support cancer. It is not only a good means to show support, but also encourages people the important benefits of this form of exercise. It is able to reduce the risk of cancer, so it is still somehow related on how to prevent the disease. Therefore, prepare some bicycles and host a fun event in honor of patients and survivors.

5. Contest

You may also conduct a beauty pageant contest, eating contest, singing contest, or any contest that is run by popularity. People can vote and donate in which the proceeds go to the charity that supports cancer patients or cancer treatment and development. This is a fun activity to do but productive in a sense that there is something that benefits people or organization related to cancer that you want to support.

Charity events are not just enjoyable occasions to attend, but very humbling to the heart, especially if you have a loved one who is currently battling cancer or have been diagnosed with cancer. If you have the time and means, it won’t be an issue for you to initiate a program that benefits cancer patients, survivors and even those who have no cancer at all. It is just a great way to extend hands that give encouragement, hope and bravery to people who are recently trying to fight this deadly disease. In fact, it is the only way to tell them that they are not alone in fighting or battling what they are suffering from.

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