Brain Cancer – Be Aware of These Symptoms

One of the most dangerous and common types of cancer these days is brain cancer. The brain cells are primarily affected either tumor is formed in that location or spread from other parts of the body. Regardless, symptoms are the best factors that help you know if you or someone has a brain cancer. Here are the following signs and symptoms that we need to learn and be aware of.


First of all, you have to understand that symptoms in cancer generally are of the same. They can be also signs of other cancers or a different health condition. That’s why it is best to always consult a doctor once you experience things that are not convenient and normal, to have a proper diagnosis, followed by the right treatment.

General Symptoms

1. Headache

Headache is certainly a very common condition that may indicate a lot of illnesses. Beware that it may be a start of a tumor growing in the brain. This may range from mild to severe, and can be frequent or not. It usually occurs early in the morning and whenever you do some activities, even if they are not too tiring or exhausting.

2. Seizure

Convulsion is another condition that may signify a variety of ailments. This is also common in the occurrence of brain cancer. Seizures can be of different types, which include tonic-clonic (loss of control and consciousness with muscle twitches and sore muscles) and myclonic (single or multiple twitches of muscles and spasms).

3. Fatigue

4. Nausea and Vomiting

5. Moody or Changes in Personality

Specific Symptoms

1. Headache or Pressure Near the Tumor

There is only one way to know if the headache is in the tumor. That is if the ache happens in the same location more than a few times. When it keeps coming back, it should be a red flag and motivate you to see a doctor.

2. Loss of Vision

This may be partial or complete blindness. It happens if the tumor is in the temporal lobe or occipital lobe of the cerebrum. If not loss of sight, it can be changes in vision.

3. Loss of Balance

If there is no control of some things that you usually do before, it is probably because due to the brain tumor. The brain can affect other parts of the body, so if there is dysfunction in one or more parts, it may be a cancer.

4. Muscle Weakness


You may also feel tired, weak and sluggish, even if you do not do enough force. Just feeling exhausted easily that causes your muscle to get weakened is one specific sign of brain cancer.

5. Paralysis

6. Changes in Memory, Speech, Hearing and Feelings or Personality

7. Lactation in Women and Altered Menstrual Period

8. Difficulty Swallowing

9. Loss of Appetite

As you can see, most of the symptoms listed above are common signs of other illnesses and cancers, too. It really does not matter if the symptoms indicate brain cancer or another cancer. The most important thing to do when a person experiences these conditions is to get professional help. There is no harm in visiting a doctor for proper procedure of diagnosing and treating the disease. It is the only way that reduces the risk of making it worse.

Anything from mild to intense conditions that are not basically normal or frequent should be treated as a warning sign. It must not be underestimated because it may be one of those sneaky symptoms of a cancer, like brain cancer. If you haven’t known, cancer is a silent killer because the signs and symptoms do not occur that early.

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