How to Lower the Risk of Cancer

You may have not experienced having cancer – not just yet, since everybody is susceptible to this kind of deadly disease. But you have an idea of how terrible and dangerous this is. Even though none of your family had or have cancer, you know just how important it is to avoid it. The good news is that you can always lower the risk of cancer. Here are ways on how you can prevent from having any type of cancer.


1. Stop Smoking

Carcinogen and nicotine are agents that cause cancer. Both of these should be avoided as much as possible. Since these are usually found in cigarettes and tobaccos, it is a must to never smoke. If you have been smoking, this is the right time to quit and never do it again. Do not wait until you have lung cancer or liver cancer before you are determined to stop smoking.

2. Avoid Excessive Drinking of Alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol drinking is a bad habit. It is quite alright to drink a few beers once a week or in a month, but you must know your limit. Over drinking of any alcoholic beverage can increase the risk of having cancer.

3. Eat Proper and Healthy Foods

Make your every day a healthy day by having the right foods. When you say right foods, it means they are filled with nutrients, i.e. vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are the best compounds that help fight the formation of cancer that damage the body cells. This must be an easy way out of cancer. You just need to be watchful in regards to what you consume.

4. Exercise Regularly

It is also a good, healthy lifestyle if you add some workout activities in your daily session. There are many forms of exercises from cardio to aerobics. Dancing alone can help you burn calories and keep your body in good shape. Just find time to do a few stretches, lifts and jogs in order to reduce the risk of having cancer. Besides, it has been proven a long time ago that exercise can help prevent illnesses.

5. Stay Out of the Sun

The sun provides vitamin E which is essential to the skin, but overexposure can lead to cancer. What you do is to limit your time under the sun to avoid having skin rashes, skin burn and skin cancer, of course. The best time to go out and get some tan is between 5am or whenever the sun rises to 10am and 5pm until its setting. Also, keep your skin protected by applying sunscreen lotion, wearing hat and using umbrella.


6. Get Vaccinated

One effective way to avoid certain cancer types is to have immunization. You need some shots that help prevent such illnesses, which include skin and genital cancers. If you have not yet been vaccinated and you are already in your 20s or 30s, it is strongly recommended that you take vaccines against human papillomavirus or HPV and hepatitis B. Both of these illnesses can increase the risk of some cancers.

7. Have Annual Check-Up

If you can get vaccines, obviously visiting your doctor on a regular basis is very essential. You need to have medical exams and screenings for different cancers to be able to diagnose your condition as early as possible in case you are positive. This helps in treating the cancer. There is no harm in paying some fees for the doctor and exams, than to try hard to survive when you are already at later stage of the cancer. This also gives you a peace of mind when results come back as negative.

Life is a precious gift that must be enjoyed and appreciate. Your body and life are your own possession, so treat it right. When you do, there is a better chance of staying away from health conditions like cancer that can make your life miserable.

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