How Deadly Bone Cancer Really Is

Cancer to the bone is not a mild disease that can go away with a few pills of antibiotics. Once cancerous cells in and around the bones become dominant, there is slight chance of escape. This is not a threat but a reality that can happen to anyone. If you like to avoid this from happening to you, it’s a must to have awareness.


What is bone cancer?

Bone cancer is a disease that is formed in the bone cells, which are basically deformed. A tumor in the bone starts growing and deteriorating inside. This can be really painful.

What are the symptoms?

It is really important to know the symptoms of this cancer. This will help you in the long run. It can save your life if you are able to distinguish the different signs and have medical treatment as early as possible.

An early symptom of this cancer is pain in the bone. Pain is often felt in the shoulders, arms, legs, and at the back. Aching joint pains and dull bones are common signs.At its early stage, pain can still be bearable, but when it is already late, it can be too painful.

Another symptom is swelling in the area where the cancer is. So, look for lumps and swelling that can be easily felt. Then seek the advice of a medical doctor to help you out. Usually the advice given is to have it removed as soon as possible. This will prevent the cancer cells to spread and affect other parts of your bone.

Legs with cancer become weak and fractured. The strength in your legs beings to slip away. Chances are it won’t stand the weight of your body. You will not have enough balance to be able to stand for a long time.

A person with bone cancer feels tired all the time. Even without doing anything you will have unexplained tiredness and fatigue.

Weight loss is also another symptom of a bone cancer. You will experience this rapid weight loss without any reasons at all. Some patients experience losing pounds very fast even during the early stage. People with this kind of disease cannot eat properly, which causes them to lose weight.

Nausea, stiffness, and fever are also some signs of a bone cancer. Having loss of appetite is another.

How can it be treated?

Early treatment of bone cancer is important to be able to cope with this disease. A tumor that is growing in the bone must be removed immediately. This must be done so that the deformed bone cells will not spread into the other parts of the bone, and eventually save your life.


Removal through surgical means is the best treatment for a bone cancer patient. Another is through a high dose of chemotherapy. Some will be required to undergo amputation in their affected bones. This is usually recommended for patients with maligned bone cancer that chemotherapy cannot treat anymore.

Reconstructive surgery is done after the removal of the tumor. This will help the patient to recover immediately, and be able to get the maximum function of the affected area.

Chemotherpy drugs are also given to patients after the surgery. This will help for further treatment and healing process ff the cancer. Also, it can help avoid a recurring of the disease.

Radiation therapy is also conducted as a form of treatment of this cancer. Any affected area is treated with radiation to kill the tumor cells in the bone.

It is highly advisable that early treatment must be done to prevent further damage to the bone of a patient. Go and get help from a professional to help you. Do not delay if you see and feel the signs and symptoms of this disease. You must win the battle against the deadly bone cancer and come out victorious.

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