Sunspots on Skin – Different Ways to Get Rid of Sun Spots

Are sunspots on skin dangerous? Can you get cancer if you are too exposed with the rays of the sun? How can you avoid sunspots on your skin?

Sunspots on Skin

Sunspots on Skin

Also known as age sports, sunspots are actually brown in color. This kind of spot appears after spending many hours or times under the sun. The brown spots come out due to the melanin levels in the skin go up. You can get natural tan skin from the sun during your youth but once you reach 50 or more, these spots can come out. Thus, the effect of too much exposure to the sun just comes out typically after some years or once you are at your old age.

When you talk about sunspots on skin cancer is usually brought out in the discussion. Many will wonder if sunspots can cause cancer. The answer to the inquiry is actually yes. Sunspots on skin can become cancerous if you are overly exposed to the sun. That can give you a warning to avoid having overly sun tanned or exposure.

What are other causes of sunspots on skin aside from too much sun exposure? There are no other causes of sunspots other than the extreme exposure from the sun. The dark brown spots result from the outcome of pigment transformation once the protein and fatty acids begin to oxidize. That only concludes to stay away from the sun if possible. It does not only give you cancer but also helps you get premature wrinkles, discoloration, dry skin and really painful sunburn. Generally, it can damage your skin which you do not want to happen.

The good news is that there are sunspots on skin treatment methods. You have to visit the clinic of your dermatologist to address this particular problem so you can get the best and most suitable treatment against sunspots. There are actually different types of treatments available against sunspots. The basis of selecting the right treatment depends on the condition of a patient. That is why it is recommended to consult a dermatologist first to know the best method of treating your sunspots.

Sunspots on skin can be treated in two major ways. The first method is through medical procedure, while the other one is through home remedies. In most cases, both methods are preferred to make sure there’s an effective healing against the spots.


The usual medical procedures performed to remove sunspots are skin sanding, skin freezing, and laser surgery. All of them actually can damage the surface of the skin which may leave permanent scars too except laser removal surgery. You may request laser surgery as sun spot removal if you like to maintain a good skin afterwards.

Dermatologists also prescribe medications and other skin applications as home remedies. Some of those include microdermabrasion and chemical peel. Either of them is applied on skin to remove sunspots. They are considered and proven as effective removal of sunspots on skin.

There is also the method of skin bleaching which is among the popular and widely-used treatments to remove sunspots on skin. This is a good choice for Caucasians or those who have white, fairer skin. Dark skinned people are not really advisable to take this method as it can leave irritation on the skin because of the agent hydroquinone included on the mixture.

All of these are good methods on how to get rid of sunspots. However, it is still recommended that you follow what is given and advised to you by your doctor to ensure you do not leave permanent scars, skin damage or any other related problem that may worsen your condition.