Stage 4 Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Throat Cancer Survival Rate – Is There Any Chance to Live More?

Stage 4 throat cancer survival rate is typically low. The survival rate is only 30% for five-year after stage 4 throat cancer diagnosis. After diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer how long to live is always the question asked. This small percentage of throat cancer survival rate could be a big discouragement to patients.

Stage 4 Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Stage 4 Throat Cancer Survival Rate

However, there should be nothing to worry about if there is a treatment for it. Learning the stage 4 throat cancer life expectancy should be accompanied with a lot of faith and belief.

Stage four is the most crucial level of throat cancer. It is actually a life-threatening case for any patient. Due to the medical development, there is a chance for a stage 4 throat cancer patient to survive. Applying stage 4 throat cancer treatment after diagnosis can help a patient survive.

Treating throat cancer would be the biggest chance to prevent it. It is important that you seek treatment from a doctor as soon as you get the symptoms of this cancer. A delay of treatment can cause less chance for a patient to survive. Early diagnosis can surely increase the stage 4 throat cancer survival rate. Getting help from a doctor for diagnosis and treatment is absolutely important.

So to be able to know the right time to see a doctor, you should be aware of the different symptoms of stage 4 throat cancer. It is much better if you know the symptoms of the early stages. Stage 4 throat cancer symptoms are constant cough, a chance of voice, lump in the throat, fever and sudden weight loss. Having these health abnormal conditions is the best time to get treatment.

Throat cancer survival rate depends on the condition of patients. The health and overall condition of the patient could be big factors to survive. The chance to survive generally depends on treatments that must be given serious consideration. Knowing the stage 4 throat cancer prognosis is purely based on cures and treatments.


Improving the stage 4 throat cancer survival rate is possible through treatments. Every patient regardless of the stage of his cancer must get treatment right away in order to survive. Due to the fact that cures are the only means to survive, getting treatment should be the first and only goal to achieve. Nevertheless, knowing how to treat your body and health well is the key to avoid having cancers like throat cancer.

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  • my father is diagnosed in throat cancer he has stage 4 and he is doing good I am worried and he only weighs 93 lbs and getting a feeding tube! I am going crazy worried about him

  • Anne

    My husband has stage 4 throat cancer. He has finished his treatments, had his second PET scan today we will know Feb 23, 2015 the results. My husband can not eat or drink by mouth he has a feeding tube. I feed him 4 bowl less feeding during the day and three feeding on the feeding machine at night. He has managed to gain 2 pounds. I can tell you that you will hear a 1,000 different stories about throat cancer. Put it in God’s hands and follow him. From the very beginning I have said that if the Lord wants to take him there is nothing I can do. But please Lord don’t let him suffer.

  • Lisa Bowden

    I had a father with multiple health problems stroke left him on feeding tube. He lasted 6 months. We did it because we were told lies by the Doctor that it was only temporary. If your loved one is on stage 4 the chances of survival are slim. If you are Christian and believe God is in control then let that person be put on water solution and pain meds but not enough where they can’t communicate if they can. Last stage of life is no food because it makes it harder on the person that is sick. Been there and know that in the end no one desires food because of the shape they are in. My father went through hell before he died and that image will stay with me until I die. God wants to take that person home then it is God’s will and we should not go against that. It’s all about balance God has to keep the balance it’s his job let him do it. Lisa Bowden

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