6 Common Symptoms of Liver Cancer

It isn’t the first time for most people to hear about liver cancer. That’s because many cases have been reported. Some survived, while others weren’t lucky. As research and studies improved, prognosis of liver cancer has been better. Despite the advancement of treatment, this disease is better prevented if people can avoid the culprits, which usually involve lifestyle, such as frequent smoking and drinking excessive amount of alcohol. No matter how good our doctors are and reliable medical equipment is, the number of patients may still increase because of poor lifestyle and bad habits.


This deadly health condition can be either primary or secondary. Primary liver is the disease that starts or develops straight in the liver, while secondary begins when cancer spreads from other part the body. In this post, we will learn the different symptoms of primary liver cancer that everyone should be aware of.

Just like other cancer types, liver cancer (both primary and secondary) has no obvious symptoms during the early stages. In fact, they are non-specific and common like other illnesses. But everyone can undergo screen for possible cancer in the liver. The signs and symptoms of the cancer can only start once the tumor grows.

1. Flu-Like Symptoms

It’s very common to have fever and flu these days. These are signs that can tell other minor illnesses, but they may also indicate cancer in the liver. So don’t try to ignore this and shrug off like it’s only a common cold.

2. Nausea

Frequent nausea doesn’t only mean flu is coming. This feeling can be more frequent and with vomiting at some point. It can cause you to do normal stuff at home and in work. Not feeling well does affect a lot of things even your mood and relationship with people.

3. Tiredness

Fatigue and stress are also common to have. You may not notice it as a serious case. Right now you are aware that it’s one of the common symptoms of liver cancer. So the next time you may feel more tired than usual, remember that it can possibly be liver cancer, most especially if you do the causes of this disease.

4. Loss of Appetite

The lack of interest or appetite to eat also indicates one or two of the livers have been affected. It can make you feel more tired, change moods more frequently, and lose pounds.


5. Weight Loss

Sudden change in weight is the result of unhealthy body. It’s not necessarily because of appetite loss. Your family and friends may notice that as if it’s a surprise to them. You have to recognize that and never ignore. Instead, go see a doctor and have cancer screening.

6. Abdominal Pain and Swelling

A more intense symptom of liver cancer is that you’d feel pain in the affected area. This may also give you some respiratory problems, such as difficulty to breathe and regular coughing.

If these signs are recurrent, don’t be scared to suspect that it may be cancer in the liver. To make you feel better physically and emotionally, make an appointment with a doctor and have yourself tested or screened. And if in case you are positive, especially at a very early stage, there’s a higher chance for you to survive from liver cancer.

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