Liver Cancer Survival Rate – Increasing the Rate

Liver cancer survival rate either deteriorates or improves. Yearly rates may vary as production of medicines and other treatments may either improve or run out of supply. Other than that, new technologically-based treatments can contribute in increasing the survival rate of liver cancer. Believing that you survive from this cancer can help much in accepting the whole situation.


Liver cancer is a serious illness whose symptoms are identifiable. Symptoms include color change in urine, pain in the abdomen as well as back and shoulder, sudden weight gain, change in skin color, and fever with vomiting and nausea included. Knowing liver cancer symptoms can give you the instinct to find diagnosis and treatment.

There are many people who have underwent and suffered from having this cancer. Moreover, there are some who became cancer survivors. Most of them started living a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting a cancer again. Considering a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent getting sicknesses such as liver cancer.

The liver cancer survival rate is much different than the rates of stomach and pancreatic cancers. Stomach cancer survival rate is still averaging about 50 percent in stage 2 while 38 percent in stage 3. Pancreatic cancer survival rate for stage 2 can be up to 20 percent. Most liver cancer patients who have survived it are only 7 percent of the 100 in average. This indicates then that there is a low chance of getting survived once diagnosed with liver cancer. Taking care of your liver is the only key to avoid having liver cancer.

The only way to improve the survival rates for liver cancer is by understanding the risk factors which might make it easier for the disease to be diagnosed at an early stage. This means that high risk candidates must have regular ultra sounds and blood tests to check the liver enzyme level which will indicate if the liver is functioning at optimum level or not.


The main causes of liver cancer are bad healthy lifestyles. These refer to the consumption of unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking. The only great way to prevent liver cancer and improve the survival rate is to avoid the risks involved in having cancer. Applying healthy diet and habits is important for the body to avoid getting cancers such as liver cancer.

Improving the liver cancer survival rate is the responsibility of every man and woman. As long as you have not yet been diagnosed with it, you should maintain and regulate a healthy body. Avoiding this cancer is essential so you cannot suffer from any pain brought by this illness.