Lung Cancer – Causes and Symptoms to Be Aware Of

A person may not be aware that he or she already has lung cancer. That is because a cancer is a silent, deadly type of sickness. It is essentially important to have an idea of how a person can get lunch cancer. So what are the causes and symptoms of this illness?


Danger and Causes

Lung cancer is a serious disease that is mainly caused by smoking cigarette or tobacco. There is a high prevention of this cancer if a person is not smoking. However, people who can smell and absorb the cigarette or tobacco ash are at risk of having this disease.

Men and women, even children, who are also exposed to asbestos, radon gas and such like substances can potentially have lung cancer. Those are compounds that can suffocate you and give bad effects to breathing.

Another cause of lung cancer is due to genetic reason. If among the family members have a history of cancer in the lungs, he or she may inherit it as well.

The pollution in the air can also be a cause of this disease. Burning plastic materials and emissions in cars are some of the starts of air pollution around your neighborhood. Constant exposure to the polluted air may cause a person to eventually have lung cancer. It is hard sometimes to breathe when you are exposed to polluted air.

Signs and Symptoms

One must know the symptoms of lung cancer to be able to know that you have the disease and get treatment right away. If not cured immediately, it can be a worse condition.

Deep cough that is dry is one of the symptoms of this cancer. This may be severe and constant with difficulty to breathe sometimes. Waking up at night coughing constantly is not good and is definitely a bad sign of lung cancer.

Coughing up with blood is also one of this deadly cancer’s symptoms. This is more prevalent in male smokers. It is evident to have this cancer if you are coughing up phlegm that contains some blood. This usually happens to people who have currently infections in their lungs.

Lung cancer may also cause a person to have high fever. This is due to the blocking of the inflammation at the regions of the lungs. If the fever is not treated by an antibiotic only, it is not just an ordinary fever.

You may also experience some chest pains. Constant coughing may cause a person to have pain in the chest. If that happens, it may be hard to breathe as well. Catching up your breath is a lung cancer symptom, too. This is the result of the blockage of air that must flow across the lungs.


Fingers that are clubbed, which is known as drum hammers, are another sign of the cancer. This happens when the finger joints and toes are swollen. It can be very painful and result to curving of the finger and toe nails.

Also, pain in the joints, ankles, knees, elbows, arms and wrists are another symptom that may indicate lung cancer. This pain is usually associated with arthritis. It happens if the hands cannot hold or carry items, and if feet can hardly walk around.

A person who experiences numbness in his or her hands and feet must seek medical treatment. This will help prevent the cancerous cells in the lungs to spread and to avoid becoming malignant.

It is really recommended that a person who has several of the symptoms of this deadly disease must not hesitant to seek the help of a medical doctor for proper treatment. Remember that early detection and treatment can be a great help to be healed. While still in the early stage of lung cancer, there is high potential to cure it, because it is still not malignant. Otherwise, it would be difficult to treat it, and later stages are very deadly, which is true to all types of cancer.

Any of these symptoms can be seen as an indication that you have a lung cancer. People who experience more of these signs should see a doctor right away, and have treatment options as early as possible, in order to treat it easier.

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