Symptoms of Lung Cancer – Time to See a Doctor

Lung cancer is one of the dreadful diseases for the last several years. The reason is mostly because of the bad habits and lifestyles of both men and women. There is the vice of smoking cigarettes, the chimneys of industrial buildings, such as factories, and the air pollution caused by vehicles. These are usually the things that can pollute the lungs, and eventually become a disease when cancer cells are formed. That is how lung cancer starts to occur in the body of a person.


Generally, you cannot have a clue if you are suffering from a lung cancer. The symptoms are not common during the early stages of this cancer. The only time you get the chance to know if you have cancer is when you undergo a medical check-up. It is important to consult a doctor to check you up, whether you have or don’t have any signs of lung cancer. But, if you have a regular check up, like annually, you are sure to get treatment right away, in case you have a lung cancer. This is especially encouraged to people who regularly smoke.

Like what is stated awhile ago, the signs of lung cancer are not easy to know or tell. The reason why is because there are some specialized nerves that can adapt pain in both sides of the lungs. Yet, if you can feel some symptoms in the lungs, it depends on the kind of lung cancer, as well as the particular location and size of tumor present. When the cancer is becoming more serious or advantage in its stage, the more symptoms become evident.

Some peopleare interested to know the different symptoms of lung cancer. If you are one of them, here is your chance to get to know those symptoms that will alarm you, in case you are trying to figure out if you have this kind of cancer. Let’s focus on the different signs and symptoms of lung cancer, which you need to be aware of. To do that, there are three ways to identify if you have a lung cancer and these are the following.

1. Local Disease

A local disease is usually located at the area where the cancer starts or tumor grows. This is a condition without any obvious signs yet. So, it won’t be easy to recognize if you have cancer. If the cancer starts to spread, the common symptoms are pneumonia, pain in the chest, blood in sputum, fatigue, wheezing or short of breath, and constant coughing, sometimes also with blood.

2. Locally Advanced Disease

Lung cancer has the ability to spread from its original location to the lymph nodes or nearby it. Symptoms in this case are excess fluid in the lining of the heart and lungs, difficulty and pain in swallowing, high pitched sound while breathing or when wheezing, and hoarseness.


3. Distant Metastases

This third phase is where the cancer has spread to other body parts or beyond the lungs. The symptoms usually occur in the liver, head and bones. You would naturally feel vomiting, nausea, weakness or fatigue, visual disturbances, headaches, seizures and confusion. You also get to have some bone and joints pain. To add the list, there is also a sudden weight loss, stomach pain, and yellowish skin and eyes.

There are also some cases that the symptoms of this cancer are present outside the tumor area, or not related to the spreading of the cancer. These include low red blood cells, lack of appetite, weakness, too much calcium in the blood, and clubbing of fingers.

Lung cancer is a serious disease as the symptoms can make you feel pain and discomfort. You won’t be encouraged to do some work that can tire or wear you out. You need to always stay in a safe atmosphere, to avoid suffocating or difficulty in breathing. Regardless, it is always essential and necessary to see a doctor regularly, so you are diagnosed as early as possible and get treatment immediately in case there is tumor or cancer cells growing in your lungs. Yet, doing the right simple ways to avoid getting cancer is always the first key. So, live a healthy lifestyle and try to avoid doing some bad habits.

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