Prevent Breast Cancer – Healthy Tips for Women

Breast cancer is a serious battle for women, especially those with ages 25 to 35. Thousands of cases around the world happen every year, and a lot of young women die because of this cancer type. The only solution to lower the number of breast cancer cases is to prevent it from happening. Through healthy habits and daily diet, you can help avoid suffering from this deadly disease. Here is a reminder on what you must regularly do to prevent having breast cancer.


1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Whatever you consume and take in your body has effects. Yet, it is better to eat something that provides positive or good effects rather than negative ones. With that said, you must learn to eat the right way. This means your diet should be healthy and balanced. Every meal, including breakfast, must always consist of fruits or vegetables, or a mix of both. You also have to consider having whole grains and low fat proteins, while you restrict your intake of red meat, processed food, and carbohydrates. As far as cancer prevention is concerned, anti-cancer foods should be on your top list.

2. Drink Healthy Beverages

It may be easy for you to have a strict healthy diet, but what about your drinks? One of the factors that increase the risk of developing breast cancer in women is alcohol drinking. You must also encourage yourself to limit, or better yet, avoid, drinking alcoholic beverages. Instead, have more glasses of water every day, at least 8 to 10. Herbal and green teas, fresh fruit juices and low fat milk are other healthy beverages recommended to take to prevent having this cancer.

3. Exercise

A healthy lifestyle does not merely refer to balanced diet. It also pertains to regular or daily exercise. Every woman needs to take some 45-minute walk, an hour run or jog, a bike riding, etc. Simple cardio exercises of 45 to 60 minutes, around 4 to 5 times a week, can help lower the risk of having breast cancer.

4. Shed Pounds

Obesity, especially after menopausal period, is one cause of breast cancer. If you are overweight or before you become considered obese, start to lose some pounds. You can ask help from an expert on how you can regulate weight and maintain a healthy body. This should help lower the risk of getting cancers in one or two of your breasts.

5. Avoid Environmental Compounds and Post Menopausal Hormone Therapy

Most substances used and found in cosmetic, skin care and other personal hygiene products are chemically based. These are harmful compounds that can eventually have an effect on both external and internal parts of the body, including breasts. They are also ingredients that have estrogen-like properties, which are also believed to increase the chance of having breast cancer. Although there is no proven link between these compounds and breast cancer yet, doctors and experts still strongly recommend the limit use of such substances.


Likewise, post menopausal hormone therapy or hormone replacement therapy can also increase breast cancer risk. This does not only affect the breast, but also cause certain illnesses, such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, and blood clotting.

6. Breastfeed a Baby

Most patients of breast cancers are those who are single or haven’t delivered babies. The reason is because they do not have the chance to breastfeed. There is a negative effect when a woman is not able to breastfeed. Because it is one of the high risks of breast cancer, women are encouraged to breastfeed, even if they do not have their own babies. Expressing milk through breast pumps or direct feeding to a baby is greatly suggested.

7. Visit a Doctor Regularly

It is also recommended to see a doctor for clinical breast exam and mammogram. One-time a year for 23 to 30-year old women is the suggested number of times to have medical checkup. Those who are older than 30 to 40 can visit their health providers every three years. Remember that early detection is always a possible and successful way to prevent breast cancer, specifically from growing or spreading.

Women must not feel too confident that they are healthy, and forget doing or following the tips as discussed above. As long as you live, it is always your daily goal to stay fit and healthy. So, to lower your risk of breast cancer, make sure that you do healthy lifestyle and habits.

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