6 Facts about Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the common types of cancer cases these days. They may only affect women but generally the number of cases around the world continues to increase. How can a woman prevent having this kind of cancer? What do you need to know about breast cancer to raise more awareness? Here are 6 facts exclusively about breast cancer that can help you know more how serious and really harmful this is.


Fact 1: It Consists of a Cancerous Tumor or More

There are times that the breast cells of a woman are abnormal and these are present in one or two of the breasts. They grow by dividing theirselves and make new sets of cells. Actually, these cells can become tumor, which is not good to the breast, or for the woman who is infected.

Remember, there are some tumors that are very cancerous, while others are not. Usually, there are times that the tumor, also called mass, stayed in one place in your breast and it cannot cause a big health issue. But the cancerous mass can affect the breast and can also spread to the other breast. This is a serious case, which may have low chance of getting survived.

Fact 2: It has Definite Signs and Symptoms

The common signs of a cancerous breast tumor are pain in any area of the breast, an irritation or dimpling in the skin, flaky skin, redness in the nipple area, and a change on the size of breast, because of the presence of a new lump in the breast, and also under the arm where the affected area is. You can feel pain in your nipple area a lot of times. There is also thickness or swelling of the breast.

Fact 3: Symptoms are Usually Indicated During Later Stages

In many instances, women may not feel the various signs of breast cancer. You can only find out if you have cancer in your breast if you consult a doctor, who would conduct a checkup and let you undergo a test called mammogram. This is how a patient is diagnosed if she does or does not have breast cancer.

Fact 4: It Involves Some Risk Factors to Develop Breast Cancer

There are lots of possible risks for a woman to develop breast cancer. Among the most possible triggers are the use of birth control pills, having history from relatives, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, overweight, increasing age, and the excess drinking of alcoholic beverage. Another cause of this cancer is not being able to breastfeed, because there is substance that is produced, which forms into milk, and must be released, or else it can develop cancerous cells.


Fact 5: It can Affect a Young or a Middle Adult Woman

At the age of 55, when a woman completes her menopausal stage, she can possibly be diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the most common age in which a woman usually feels the symptoms of this deadly disease. For the possible youngest age, a lady who is 15 or when she starts her menstruation for the first time can also be infected with this cancer. Whether you are young or not, there is always a chance for you to suffer from this sickness. That is why it’s important to take a regular check up to know if you have cancerous cells growing and spreading in your breasts, or not.

Fact 6: It Can be Prevented and Treated

For the good news, there are possible ways to prevent the risk of breast cancer. It can clinically prevent the tumor is treated during its early stage. Yet, every woman is advised to live a healthy and well balanced life, in order to avoid having any pain and discomfort, such as breast cancer. Limiting your intake of alcohol and fatty foods, making daily exercises and maintaining good health can lower the risk of breast cancer.

You need to undergo regular checkups for the breasts like twice or thrice in a year, to make sure that you are safe. And if in case there is a tumor present, at least it can be treated while it is still early. Be sure to make all the necessary things that you need to do to prevent or stop this cancer.

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