8 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Every woman must know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They need to be familiar with those warnings to have a high chance of treating the disease as early as possible, or better yet, preventing from having lumps. When a woman discovers abnormality in her breasts, she needs to consult a healthcare professional right away. She can also perform a self examination to see if there is any change or abnormality that must be aware of, and that’s when you need to seek medical help.


Take note that symptoms of this cancer are not the same for all women. Some may have fewer symptoms, while others can have more. There are also changes in the breasts that do not technically refer to cancer. That is the case in which a benign breast condition occurs. The best recommendation is always to get professional consultation with a doctor for assurance and accuracy. Of course, you have to know the different common signs of breast cancer.

1. Nipple Tenderness

Tenderness in the nipples is one common sign of a breast cancer. It is an abnormal change that must be identified and confirmed as much as possible. If not around the breast, it can be near it, more specifically the underarm part. The thickening feeling can be painful sometimes.

2. Skin Changed Appearance

The skin texture starts to change when the breast has cancer. Pores in the skin can become enlarged that will feel and look like an orange peel’s texture. A part or more starts to blackened, red, scaly or swollen, which is an abnormal change of the breast.

3. Lumps

A lump in one or two of the breasts is another warning sign of the cancer. A single breast can have one or more lumps. They are usually painless, and you can only feel the abnormal bumps in the breast. Although not all lumps are cancerous, it is still important to be checked by a doctor. This is to confirm if the lumps are harmful to your health or not. Either way, lumps are recommended to be removed through surgical method.

4. Change in Size or Shape

There will be also a change in the size and shape of the breast with cancer. The breasts may have shrunk or enlarged. This is a symptom that can be easily identified during self examination. It may be too obvious to see in front of a mirror.

5. Swelling


A swollen breast indicates cancer, too. An unexplained swelling that won’t go away should be enough to see a doctor for proper examination. This sign usually occurs when one side of the breasts is affected, but it is possible to have swelling in one or two breasts if they are both affected.

6. Inverted Nipple

A nipple that is inverted or turned inward is a warning sign of a cancerous breast, too. It is an obvious symptom that must not be dismissed.

7. Discharge

Nipples also have discharge when the breasts have cancerous cells. They can be clear or bloody. Sometimes, it will be a milky discharge for women who have lactated before but not in the state of breastfeeding. The bottom line is that any discharge in one or two of the breasts is a sign of a cancer.

8. Indentation or Flattening on the Breast

One symptom that tells a woman has breast cancer is the flattening or indentation. That happens if a tumor is present in one of the breasts. The tumor is usually not seen or felt but can be determined if the breast is flattened or indented.

Any abnormality in the breast from nipple to areola and skin should not be ignored. They are warning signs of breast cancer that must be checked by a professional healthcare. After conducting your own examination and assessment, do not hesitate to confirm it with a local doctor.

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