Parents Who Smoke – Have You Thought of Your Kids?

I hate it when someone smokes in front of me. When I have to cross the street on the pedestrian lane and have to wait until the light turns into green, a guy, or even a woman sometimes, is holding and smoking a cigarette. That annoys me greatly! I have to cover my mouth and nose just to avoid nuzzling the smoke from cigars.


The fact that second-hand smoking (smelling and receiving the residues of cigarettes from a different person who is smoking) is potentially a threat, I won’t let anyone enjoys smoking a cigarette, while I take the effect possibly twice even more. It can create lung problems, including cancer. Who would want that when they are not smoking themselves?


Now, I want to talk to parents who are smoking. Do you freely smoke while your kids are hanging out with you? Are you fond of lighting a cigar or two in your living room watching television with your children? THIS kind of habit should be stopped!

Parents should be the number one protector and model for their own children. You would race in the street just to get to the hospital as fast as you can when you hear one of your kids has an accident. I’m pretty sure you also tell your children to not to talk to any strangers, because they may be a perpetuator.

You know that it is not just a responsibility to protect your kids at all times. You want to do anything to protect them because you love them. But when it comes to smoking, have you really thought about your own children? Admit it or not, you are gradually killing them. Someday after a couple of years, they would suffer from weak lungs or breathing issues. Do not wait for that day that you decide to quit smoking.

Would you rather enjoy a weekend with your kids someday when they turn 18 and smoking together? Is that one of the future days of your life with them that you dream of? The better question is that, are you trying to encourage your child or kids to smoke? I bet, your answer is that you never tried offering your kids a single cigarette. How can you say “no” to them, when they see you doing it all along? Isn’t that not fair at all?


So, you are smoking, and the smoke easily passes through the nostrils of another person, especially the closest around, in the same area with you. This is what we call a secondhand smoke. If you have the habit of doing this every morning and afternoon in your house while your children are present, they are certainly secondhand smokers.

The smoke is absorbed right into the lungs, and other internal parts of the body. The dangerous thing about secondhand smoke in younger children is that their body is still not yet fully developed. Cigarettes do have toxins and when these enter the body, they can create damage to the cells, including those in the brain.


Research studies show that kids who are exposed to secondhand smoke have more aggressive behavior. This is because their brain is affected by the smoking of their parents. You may not yet agree with this at this moment, but as you keep smoking when they are around, they will soon develop bad attitudes, including hyperactivity, bad temper and anti-social behavior. It means, smoking cigarettes has both respiratory and neurological risks.


You do know that cigarette smoking is not good for the health. So, why risk your own health if this bad habit does not do anything to make you healthier? If you admit this, then you have to also know that secondhand smoke is twice deadlier. You won’t really care if only affects you, but the truth is you are providing danger to others, including your own children.


You may be also admitting that you are trying to quit. You may convince me that you used to consume a pack of cigars every day, but now you only take two or three. That’s a good try, but when do you really have to quit for good? Like what I mentioned, do you just have to stop smoking when the damage on your children is done? There is no playing with time here, because NOW is the best time to quit and NEVER smoke again, ever!

If you can sacrifice something for your children’s sake, quitting to smoke won’t be that difficult. Besides, there are many things you can do aside from smoking. Some things that are far better, children-friendlier and healthier. Find a good hobby, like sport, music or reading, that can help you kill your spare time.

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