Common Symptoms of Cancer

Whether it’s a breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, or any kind of cancer, this disease is very serious, critical and the most appropriate word is dangerous. The risk of this is that you won’t know that you have cancer, as the signs or symptoms of a cancer do not show up or occur until the later stage. But, we can treat cancer if it is diagnosed at its early stage. The best thing that you can do is to basically know and be alert of the different general symptoms of cancer.


There are some cancer cells that are very malignant. They can easily spread and grow at any parts of the body in just weeks or months. Regardless, this can be prevented if proper diagnosis is conducted. Plus, do not lost hope as there are several treatment procedures to remove tumor and fight cancer. Nevertheless, here are the signs and symptoms of cancer that you have to learn.

1. Fever

Fever is a common condition that can be considered as a symptom of various illnesses. At any day, you can have fever due to different causes. It is also a very common sign of cancer. But, it is not always about cancer when you get a fever. Take note that fever in cancer often happens if the cancer has greatly affected the immune system of a person. That is because low or weak immune system literally weakens your body and increases the risk of having infections. At most times, fever can pertain to blood cancer like lymphoma or leukaemia. To verify your fever as a cancer symptom, better consult a doctor.

2. Pain and Ache

Everybody can experience pain at any cost. This can affect anywhere in our body. You can feel headache, neck pain, back pain, joint pain and others. Though this is also common, pain can refer to cancer as it is considered as a general symptom.

Traditionally, once you feel body pain, taking medicines is the ideal first aid. Tablets can naturally ease the pain that you are having. That is just easy to deal with right. But again, like fever, pain can be also a sign that indicates you have cancer, so still be cautious and find out.


When it comes to cancer, there is proper treatment for this particular condition. If you feel unusual and frequent pain in your body, go visit your doctor immediately. Maybe the pain that you are experiencing is already a sign of cancer. And if this cancer is still in its early stage, then there is a better chance of getting treated. Most of the time pain due to cancer indicates that the cancer is spread on your other body parts.

3. Change in the Skin

Jaundice and yellow skin are abnormal changes of the skin. In most cases, if this happens, it is usually a serious condition, which includes a cancer, specifically a skin cancer type. Some of the skin changes that you can experience that refer to skin cancer are itchiness, excessive hair growing, reddened skin, darker looking skin, and yellowish skin including the eyes.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue is also one of the symptoms of cancer, which include stomach cancer or colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. If you experiencing unusual tiredness and becomes frequent, the cancer has started to grow or has grown and spread.

Fever, pain, skin change and fatigue are some of the well known general symptoms of cancer. If you feel and experience more or all of these signs, it is possibly that you are positive with cancer. To confirm it, the best thing you do is to consult a doctor and have the right procedure.

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