Why Cancer is a Continuous Threat in the Society?

Cancer is a disease that causes a lot of deaths around the world. This kind of health issue is not common for many decades now. There have been improvements on treatment procedures and medications, but the number of cases continues to increase. This has to be lessened and becomes a non-threatening condition in our society.


What is the reason why cancer seems like there is no end? What are the things we, people, need to do in order to reduce the number of cases and deaths caused by cancer? These are questions that have been raised for a long time now. It is essential to keep asking these questions until the answers or solutions are finally addressed.

1. Because of the Numerous Cancer Types

As you may know now, there are lots of forms of cancer. Some of those cancers have the same symptoms and treatment. Lung cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer and skin cancer are some of the very common cancers that affect many people of different ages, including children. Due to the several types of cancers, there is no doubt why some deaths are caused by these diseases.

2. Because of Unhealthy Habits and Bad Lifestyle

Stubbornness of a person always has a consequence. You know already that it is not good for the health to smoke and still you do it. In fact, cigarettes are one of the very common causes of cancers.

Other common causes are poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Some people do not have enough nutrients in their body. The absence of certain vitamins and minerals is a big risk of cancers. That implies there is a need to be careful on what you consume from foods to drinks. It is a basic rule of life to eat vegetables and fruits. If you agree, the intake of unhealthy foods and beverages should be avoided as much as possible.

Addition to healthy foods is regular exercise. You must not just be content with the diet you are following. Have the time to work-out on a regular basis as well. It helps regulate the energy in the body, which means cells become more functional.

The bad habits and lifestyle of an individual is a big cause of many cancers. These kinds of things must be stopped. When you know it’s wrong, do not bother tolerating it for once.

3. Because Tumors Easily Grow and Cancerous Cells Quickly Spread


Regardless of the type, cancer starts on a certain part or parts of the body. It usually begins in a very small tumor and later on it grows and potentially spreads to the other area of the body. The danger about cancer is that tumor can easily and quickly grow. Affected cells of the cancer become multiplied and that’s when the condition becomes worse and worse.

Most kinds of cancers have four stages. The third and fourth stages of cancer are the critical ones. It will be difficult to treat it once the stage is already on the later phase. In other words, early diagnose of cancer is helpful enough to prevent the tumor to be cancerous and growing.

The only way to stop the continuous growth of cancer is to do some preventive measures. These include the right consumption of healthy foods and beverages, and regular exercise. Other than these, do not hesitate to go to the doctor for a regular screening and check-up to be able to detect your condition just in case you have stage I or stage II cancer. You will never know just how close you are to having a critical cancer.

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